Monday, October 3, 2016

look at us now: family pictures

My sweet photographer friend Nicole has the patience of an army of saints and took well over a million photos (only a slight exaggeration) of the Miller clan a few weekends ago and here were the results of her sweat and toil. :) (You can see the full album HERE if you have nothing more pressing to do today. Big big winks.)

Rhett and Rad and their twin temperaments. We have a dozen photos here, but Beck kept bolting so we moved shoot locations...

It pleased the runner. 

Not really.

Rad had a 48 picture limit. We pushed him though.

And he pushed back. So did Rhett who views himself as the chief regulator of rules slash artistic director.

All you families with the cutest candids and smiley snaps, how do you DO it? We are missing a key ingredient here.

And then us importants showed the crazies how it's done.



Double boom. 

Kidding. Nicole made is look extra fancy.

And! Miracle of miracles....this one isn't terrible.

And by not terrible I mean ABSOLUTELY my favorite picture ever!! I mean come on...everyone smiling?? The secret to this mega watt smile snap? Rad tooted riiiiight before Nicole clicked. Yep.

And speaking of Rad, I don't play favorites with the turkeys but man some pictures of him are just melting my heart.

But who am I kidding, so are these of Rhett and Beck. Goobers all of them. The best goobers ever in my totally non-biased opinion. 

And what kind of pet owners would we be if we didn't include handsome Ben? It's totally normal. Ish.

He'll be a year old in a few weeks and you better believe we'll have a little p.a.r.t.y. for the ball of fluff.  

Godspeed to all you family photographers out there in the wild. I hope you go buy yourself a monstrosity of a trophy after every shoot and have a massive trophy room to enjoy while you heavily edit cantankerous two year olds and protesting babies.

You totally deserve all the respect and applause.

PS. Nicole also did our last family pictures (HERE) when Rad was younger then Beck is now. So cliche, but freaking WHERE DID THE TIME GO? Sob. And a maybe a slight sigh of relief if I'm being honest. We have loved and thrived/survived these stages but we know there is so much to look forward too. :)

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  1. I just did a shoot with 3 boys under 7 and one toddler girl. Along with all the parents. It was challenging to say the least, but SO gratifying when I get a good shot! Your friend did an amazing job!

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  3. LOVE those pictures! Beautiful family!

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