Friday, May 25, 2012

ULTIMATE Reupholstering Tutorial Guide

Guys, this is the last post for chair week.

I have SO enjoyed sharing these chairs with you, and want to give all of you a sincere THANK YOU for all your sweet comments. :) 

Today, as promised, I am going to share the ULTIMATE Reupholstering Tutorial Guide, with tutorials I used and others I found along the way that I thought were awesome. 

But for all the tutorials you will have to head over to Primitive and Proper because I am guest posting there today!

 I ADORE Cassie and I feel like posting on her blog is like being on Nate Berkus or something. 

Seriously I'm so happy to be there. :)

So click HERE to head over to Primitive and Proper to get all the details and the ULTIMATE Reupholstering Tutorial Guide!

And as a recap, here are all the chairs I revealed this week.

The Ikat french arm chair.

The retro, burlap arm chair.

The black velvet, tufted wingback.

And two of these sweet bamboo chairs.

Thanks again to each of you for following along this week!
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  1. thank you SO much for an awesome guest post! i think i might have the courage to try upholstery. might.

  2. Black Velvet, to die for. That one is my favorite. You are a rock star of reupholstering. I am pinning this too. Yay! All these awesome tutorials right on my board. Now, I just need to find time to get my next re-upholstery job. A dumpster rescue that is in my bedroom. Wish me luck, I have much rebuilding to do.

    Happy long weekend!

  3. Great guest post at Cassie's Julia! You did an amazing job with each one of those chairs! I am now inspired to try my hand at upholstering. I've been shying away from the whole thing. I have a favorite chair that belongd to my Grandmother and would love to reupholster it. It's a very special chair to me. Have a great weekend!

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  6. You did well on putting this together. I did not expect this to find this today. This is a great story.

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