Monday, June 24, 2013

on nose hair, new cars and the day after vacation

We spent most of last week in Tucson for a family retreat for Jake's work.

Any place that is 15 degrees cooler than where we currently are is vacation to me. 

(It's a little sad that 90 degrees is a vacation from 105 degrees. Thanks AZ.)

I snapped this picture one morning.

Such a sweet moment right?

Here's the caption, provided by Rhett.

"Dad, the hair on your head is like the hair in your nose!"

Hahahaha oh gosh I love him. :)

On Father's Day he ran into our room yelling "Happy Father's day Dad! You're getting a new CAR!"

Yeah....a new car wasn't part of Jake's father's day, but he was happy with his finger painting covered in super hero stickers. 

So today we're taking it slow and recovering from all the vacation-ing.

Needing a vacation from your vacation is a good thing right? :)
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