Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Do you remember your first DIY?

Since I have about a million projects I'm trying to get finished (oh yeah the playroom and Rhett's room I I keep saying are almost done...I'm the worst at getting the final few details done), I thought I'd show you a cute finished project from a friend of mine.

Meet Jess, a new comer to the blogging world!

I stole this picture from her Facebook because I LOVE her freckles. So beautiful. 

(Hope you don't mind Jes!!)

Her blog is Mommy Envy which is a lil' bit of everything blog where she does a great job of showing moms (and women in general) that we don't need to feel envious of each other or feel like because one woman is great a one thing, that we are less because of that. 

What a great blog mission right?!

Anyway, she recently redid her first piece of furniture and sent me pictures. 

I was so impressed that I thought it would be fun to show her hard work off and help us who do a lot of DIY/furniture refinishing to remember back to our first piece or for those thinking about taking on a project to feel like they can do it too. :)

So I'll turn the time over to Jes! I sent her some questions, interview style, and her answers are below. 


My name is Jessica (I often go by Jes) and I am a Texan currently loving her life in Colorado. I have a passion for trying new things. Some things stick and some things don’t – and that is OK! I created Mommy Envy out of a desire to stick something out. I’ve started blogs before about family, photography or home renovation but my need to always try new things had be abandon them for my next adventure. Mommy Envy is a collection of my many wonderful projects.

1. What intimidated you the most about starting the piece?

The first piece I ever did intimidated me. It was a free dresser and the project went terribly bad…and then got worse! That dresser still sits in my garage and taunts me. After that I felt like I couldn’t do DIY, that I didn’t have the eye for cute things, and my ego was shot. This time I had my mom with me. Yes, I admit to needing my mommy. She hasn’t done a project like this but she knows about paint, and tools and things. Plus she isn’t scared like me. 

2. What was your inspiration for choosing the color? 

Yellow is so happy! (The color is Jackfruit by Behr) My sister-in-law recently said that it made her happy that I wasn’t afraid of color in my house. That made me smile. I’ve been debating if I’ve put too much color in my house though. My dining room is a happy yellow too but it’s too much for me. I think I need to go neutral and put color in my house through pieces like this. 

3. Would you do this again? 

If yes, what would you like to do next? Heck yes! In fact I have a 1960s dresser waiting for some love as well as a farm house table.

4. What was your favorite part of the process? 

I was pretty thrilled during the purchase. It was the perfect piece at the perfect price. Oh the possibilities! 

5. What's for favorite style for decorating etc? Vintage? Eclectic? Country? 

I have a vintage-eclectic-modern twist vibe going on. Is that possible? Most of our furniture is hand-me-down so I don’t think I’ve found my voice yet. I love the clean lines of craftsman style homes though.

Didn't she do such a great job?!

I spray painted my first piece and didn't sand it down between coats. 
Or really shake the can enough. 
#grittyfurniture #yuck

Yellow can be such a tricky color and she nailed it. 

Hop over to her post for more details and to leave a little love. 

Your first DIY can be a little nerve racking and she did such a great job!

Thank you Jes!

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  1. This is awesome Julia! Thank you! The picture you chose is from Lake Powell and we go back in a couple of weeks! I can't wait! EEEEE!

  2. oh fun! i don't know if i can even remember mine- yikes! but i love those freckles, too! oh wait actually i do- it was sawyer's nursery furniture! not so cute in retrospect!

  3. Nice! My first diy project was atrocious but I've come a long way since then. Last weekend, I embarked on my first diy garage project. I decided to renovate my two garages turning them into the ultimate relaxation and recreation areas I always dreamed about. I envision these spaces with carpeting, 70 inch flat screen HD televisions, arcade machines, and a couple of pool tables. I can't wait to see the end result! I'm going shopping for some garage kits this weekend!

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