Wednesday, July 24, 2013

so much to say, so little time: part 2

Conversations with an almost 3 year old are fantastic.

Before bed:

"Rhett what kind of animal are you?"


"What kind of animal is Dad?"


"What kind of animal is Mom?"



At Olive Garden on our family date night:

I get back from using the restroom to find Rhett talking to the waiter.

Rhett (to the waiter): "This is mom. She goes pee pee in the potty. BIG PEE PEE!"

In the checkout line at the grocery store: 

Person in line behind us: "Oh wow, what a cute baby!" (talking about Rad)

Rhett: "HEY! DON"T TOUCH MY RAD!!!!!!"

In the car:

I heard Rhett whispering to Rad in the backseat of the car;

"Mom, I tell Rad my big secret! He no tell you mom. He can't talk!! (Laughs hysterically.)

Making cookies: 

 Rhett pulls a melon ball scooper out of the drawer.

"Mom! What's this?"

"A melon ball scooper."

"Why you have ball scooper?"

"Because sometimes people buy silly things."


"To help the economy."

"Oh that silly economy!"

In the kitchen:

"Rhett can you come here?"

"No mom, I can't do that. My ears are too dirty."

He's a chatty kid. :)

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  1. ha ha!!! love his convo with the waiter!!!

  2. My coworker just told me, "You don't know fear until your kid starts talking!"

  3. So cute! You are a lucky momma to have have such a sweety!

  4. This is so fun! Thanks for sharing with us. After reading this post I had to ask my son all those animal questions. Apparently, he is a dinosaur, I am a dog (he loves them so I take it as a compliment), his dad is a ducky, and baby brother is a hippo (so appropriate for the little chunk). Thanks again, you are awesome!

  5. Love it! He is one funny kid. Janen said she's a butterfly (such a girlie answer), I am a dog, Elsie is a kangaroo, and James is a Rollie-Pollie bug. HAHAHA! I never thought to ask her that question before!

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