Wednesday, November 6, 2013

better late than never: Halloween 2013 brought to you by Thor and Loki

I was semi convinced that Rhett would never settle on a Halloween costume for this year. 

I mean the kid has a mini melt down if you ask him if he wants an apple or some strawberries. 

"Mom, I want apple berries!!!"

The list of possible costumes included:


A ninja

A pygmy marmoset
(I wish I was making that up)


And Diego

Finally we settled on Thor; which meant it was only appropriate for Rad to be Loki. 

(Hopefully he doesn't get a complex from being the "bad" guy....")

Rad's Loki hat was knitted by our amazingly talented friend Chelsea. 

She has an Etsy shop, so check her out!

She's great at custom work. 

And don't judge the duck tape holding Loki's cape on. 

#thosewhocan'tsew #useducttape

And as any good parent we took a small tax on the boys Halloween Candy. :) 


In our defense, Rhett was most excited about about the packages of Goldfish crackers in his pumpkin bucket. Such a weird kiddo. :)

Probably the best part of the evening was the party we went too. 

Almost every little boy was a super hero but somehow there where no repeats. 

Avengers assemble!

These Avengers could assemble, but could not get enough camaraderie to get on board for a good pic.

Happy (late) Halloween!

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  1. Their costumes turned out so cute! How fun :)

  2. I love the duct tape. Great costumes!

  3. how awesome!! Love the costumes.. I've been out of blogland for a while, and then redid my own blog.. I'm glad to be back and see your updates!! =)

  4. Adorable children and costumes!


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