Friday, November 15, 2013

Rhett's Room: A Super Hero Reveal

Rhett's room has technically been done for a long long time...but I was too lazy to take pictures because that meant removing the lovely blanket hung in the window acting as a blackout panel. (Because good design always requires the blackout blankie.)


Anyway, there are still a few things I would change about the room, but Rhett pretty much thinks it's the coolest room ever so that's what matters right?

Yup yup. 

So now please put your hands together for the most super-super hero room EVER. 

When putting all the super hero pics next to each other I realize how crooked they are...hmmm.

So I know I said when I showed you all Rad's room, that I don't like themed kid's rooms and clearly I am eating my words. 

My defense is mostly that I'm thinking (hoping) that superhero's will last at least a few years and all the actual superhero stuff cost like nothing.

I'm really torn if my favorite part of the room is the light up sign, the bed spread or the metallic gold stripes. 

Rhett's favorite part is the swing and blessing every super hero in his prayers at night. 

"Pweese bless four (Thor), and Gween Lantern, and HULK (shouted) and Iron Man who's my best fweind..."

About 99% of Rhett's room was thrifted or DIYed so I'll do my best with a source list. 

Dresser and Night Stand: 

Painted in Benjamine Moore Old Navy
Free (already had)

Bed: DIYed with plans from Ana White

Bed Spread: Custom made my my amazing friend Laura Davis.
$65 for materials including insert 
(If you want any custom work like the bed spread done contact Laura. She is AMAZING and her email is


Lamp Shade:
IKEA and DIYed

Wood Bowl:

POW SMASH BAM Light Up Sign: 

Super Hero Posters:
DIYed with Photoshop by my husband
$15 printing

$30 (somewhere around there)

Hanging Swing:

Curtains: Target

Wall Paint Color

Minus $80 that we got when we sold Rhett's old baby dresser. 

Total: About $270

Considering we started from total scratch for the room I am thrilled with the total cost. 

I'll be back with a few super tutorials (OK maybe tutorials with pictures taken with an Iphone and you know, but still good tutorials) 

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  1. Wow, this is amazing! My favorite parts are the light up sign, the bedspread, and the budget!

  2. Oh julia! The room looks amazing! You are so talented. Makes me realize how badly I need to do my poor boys' room.

  3. Oh julia! The room looks amazing! You are so talented. Makes me realize how badly I need to do my poor boys' room.

  4. What a great room!! My son is also superhero mad and would love all of that around him! That light up sign is amazing. Your son will love that room for a long time!

  5. That is awesome Julia!! Not something I'll ever get to do, having two girls so kinda loving it ;-)

  6. Amazing room! Your husband made the super hero prints? He should list them on Etsy, I would totally buy some prints!


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