Monday, January 6, 2014

Pop goes 2014 (and another coming out of anesthesia video)

Oh 2013 you are so done and I am so happy to say adios to you. 

You were not my favorite year. You kind of sucked my spirit out over and over like a pasty white vampire (and we all know vampires are so 2010) and if it wasn't for Rad being born I would deem you my least favorite year ever. 

Personally I think a New Year should be brought in with milkshakes, board games and dancing at midnight but this year we rang in the new year in the hospital. 

So remember back in September when I had surgery to fix bone spur and compacted joint?

If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I got a semi nasty (OK it was pretty nasty) infection from that which we thought was completely treated from oral antibiotics.

But my foot kept hurting, and hurting more, and swelling and even little things like wearing closed toe shoes or heels KILLED. But our first doctor kept telling us that the pain was normal for a post op but that really didn't sit right with us. So we went to another doctor to get a second opinion and that resulted in getting an MRI. 

Bone infection found. 

So I have osteomyelitis in my foot along my big toe joint. It's an infection in the bone. I had surgery on the 30th to do an antibiotic rinse, replace the hardware and remove the infected bone. Thankfully they didn't have to remove a lot of bone. What bone they did remove, they used to grow cultures of the bacteria so they knew what best antibiotics to use. The bacteria grown was kind of your run of the mill bacteria and nothing super strong or resistant to antibiotics. (Sigh of relief.) The TAC line is a central line that will give me antibiotics for 6 weeks.

Our anniversary and new years and my birthday were all while I was in the hospital so we have some serious celebrating to make up for, but we'll probably wait for the central line to be removed because my antibiotics make me something awful nauseous.

Some of the better parts of the hospital stay. 

What 3 year old and 10 month old don't love a bed with lots of buttons?

"This says Mom and Dad got married and got married a lot." -Rhett

All the toast a person could ever want. Or not want. 

I almost posted this on Instagram on New Years Eve, but then I thought "Do I really want my last selfie of 2013 to be with a (unused! very important detail) bedpan?" So I saved it for the blog. You're so welcome. 

So it looks like the beginning of 2014 will be making friends with some more doctors, but I'm hopeful these feet will do some cool stuff this year. Besides just being a pain in the butt. :)

And if you're interested, another video of me coming off of anesthesia. (Click here for the first one.)

This one is good. Apparently I was having a hard time with the letter R. And was feeling a little personal. Sorry for talking about my underwear. Or lack there of. 

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  1. OH my goodness i love you so much more.

  2. Oh Julia, that is quite the way to end one year and start a new one! I hope you heal fast and are kicking up your heals soon! Sending you a great big hug!

  3. oh my. you and i. ready for a new year. funny, i just posted about that today too. so sorry you got an infection that didn't clear up. glad the second doc caught it. my bil had a pic line in for a month after getting a very serious infection after knee surgery. it was scary! so glad your's wasn't a serious kind.

  4. How miserable! I hope your foot heals well and that you are able to celebrate soon!

  5. Wow, what a terrible way to end the year! So glad you got a second opinion. Here's to a wonderful 2014.

  6. I love how he asks "are you cute?" I will be praying your foot heals soon, I can only imagine how hard it must be not to be able to get up and do the things you want to do. I just had my 3rd baby and it makes me so sad to imagine myself not being able to get up and play and make lunch and all the other things I do around here. I hope you are eating very healthy, because that will speed your recovery process.


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