Monday, January 27, 2014

so much to say, so little time part 7

Conversations with a 3 year old are fantastic.

Rhett stomping into the bathroom right as I emerged from the shower.
Rhett: "Mom. Why haven't you taught me to fly?"
Rhett: "Gosh Mom." (Stomps out.)

In the car listing to kid friendly Ke$ha.
Rhett: "Dad, it's to loud. Can you turn it down please? My ears are too expensive."

Running into the bathroom. 
"I gotta go poop before my friends come over and smell my bum!"

Looking in the mirror.
"Hmmm. I never realized my elbows were so huge."

In the bathroom staring at the toilet with Rad.
Rhett: "Rad. This is THE potty."
Rhett: "It eats your pee pee."
Rad: Blows raspberry.
Rhett: "It's very serious Rad."

On Christmas day.
Rhett: "Who's birthday is it today?"
Julia: "We're celebrating Jesus's birthday."
Rhett: "I'm pretty sure Jesus is OK if it's my happy birthday today."
Rhett: "Do you think Jesus sent me a birthday card? Go check the mail mom."

In his bed time prayer.
"I'm grateful for Rhett because I really love me."

Emerging from my closet 
Rhett: "Mom, I want to take this to preschool for show n' tell," (He's holding my turquoise bra.)
Rhett: "I think it'll be super fun to show the guys."

At the dinner table during a lull in an enlightened discussion about Rad's lack of teeth.
Rhett: "I'm scared of sharks, pointy pencils, crayons and stinky socks."
Julia: "Why are you scared of pointy pencils?"
Rhett: "Mom don't say those words! I'll get hi-starical!"

Recycled picture from my parents house at Christmas 

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  1. I love it...words don't do this post justice. Thanks for the smile :)

  2. I almost peed my pants reading these!

  3. Oh my God!!!!! Cant stop laughing.... :)

  4. What a funny kid! I noticed a lot of these statements are made in the bathroom :)

  5. These are so hilarious - he gets funnier every time!


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