Wednesday, July 2, 2014

so much to say, so little time 10

Conversations with a 3 year old are pretty fantastic.

Rhett brings me this: 

Rhett: Who is this mom?
Julia: That's Mr Monopoly.
Rhett: Oh yeah I know him.
Rhett: He's from Africa.

Running up behind Jake on a walk:

Rhett: cupping his hands arounds Jake's backside What a CUTE little tuchas!!

Throwing back a tall, sippy of milk:

Rhett: When I don't want a sweaty bum I just drink a lot of milk.
Julia: Sage advice Rhett, very sage. 

Giving the 2 minute we're leaving the library warning:

Julia: Hey buddy, 2 minutes till we go.
Rhett: Mom, we have two choices. Stay 10 minutes or stay 15 minutes. Not 2.
Julia: 2 minutes dude.
Rhett: I don't like you Mom.
Rhett: I'm going to break your heart.

Mr. Grumpy pants, post nap:

Rhett: If I have to share, I'm going to quit my job!

The other morning:

Rhett: Rub Captain America's feet. He's got two of them.
Rhett: Please.

Driving in the car and listening to the radio:

Rhett: Look, Mom! Rad is grooving!
Rad: (Indeed, he was grooving)

After I scolded him for biting Rad's arm:

Rhett: Hey, Mom...
Julia: Yes?
Rhett: Why don't you just be happy?

Getting in the car:

Julia: Wooo the car smells funny. Why does the car smell funny Rhett?
Rhett: I don't know Julia. Why DOES the car smell funny? (said with so. much. attitude.)

Watching me shimmy and jump into a pair of Target spanx: 

Rhett: Oh mom, is that my wonderwear (underwear)?
Julia: Leave.

Smelling something foul:

Julia: Rad why'd you poop again?
Rhett: Cause it's his job.

While checking out of the gym day care and chatting with one of the workers:

Rhett: It's almost my birthday.
Worker: And how old are you going to be?
Rhett: Twenty.

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