Monday, June 30, 2014

rock'em sock'em

This morning greeted me with a fire engine red diaper rash (Rad...not me, Jake or Rhett) and a slew of a to-do list. We left last week for a mini stay-cation and I love fresh towels everyday and raiding the deluxe shampoo's and soaps but I always kind of dread the first day home.

I had it on my bible (read to do list) to blog a slew of not really important things before we left, but it didn't happen. So now I think doing a quick and dirty run down of semi blog worthy items (3) is a super idea.

Item #1:

About once a month I like to take the boys to visit the Gilbert temple grounds. Lest you think in Arizona we never do anything outdoors in 103 degree heat. Not only are they beautiful, but they are relatively expansive and I like to exert maximum energy when playing with the boys. Why do they always run in different directions? And clearly we named them the wrong names because they don't respond the ones we gave them.

And I hope God has a sense of humor, because right after this pic, Rad dumped (an almost empty, thankfully) bag of Goldfish crackers into His fountain. Maternal mediocrity opted to leave the fishy's floating rather than fish (har har har) them out. It was either the fish stay in the H2O or Rad would enter it. 

Maternal mediocrity also achieveth the good fortune of having a plethora of fuzzy ducklings to entertain the young men.

And don'y worry, I kept on lathering that SPF was a real hottie.

Item #2

I really have no idea why Target still let's us through the sliding doors. On several visits Rhett has climbed the security sensors by the doors and set them off, we've spilled many a blue icee and we often visit the toy section but rarely buy anything. But we Miller's are known for our very strong-glutton-for- punishment gene and so we keep going back. 

I won't take all your time with all the gruesome details but basically the entirety of the hour tossing things we really needed that day into the cart was punctuated every 90 seconds by Rad throwing his head back and showing off his lung capacity. I thought of calling it quits several times, but it was one of those rock and a hard place moments where we need this stuff and as the cart got more and more full I knew we couldn't just leave. 

Really it wouldn't have been that bad if we hadn't been meeting and greeting the same lady on EVERY SINGLE ASILE. The same elderly lady who kept turning around and loud volumed whispered at us to be quiet and "SHHHHHHHH!!!" complete with finger on mouth and eyebrow furrow. This didn't amuse Rad and encouraged his shrieks and head bangs and kicks which only exacerbated the lady's already sourpuss attitude. I would like to mention that the offended was donning some heavy duty hearing aids and if Rad had understood English I would've definitely instructed him to reach over and swiftly turn them both to the off position. I mean his shrieks literally pierce my ears so I can't imagine what that amplified is like. But really. Any statisticians with thoughts on the probability of a 29 year old mother of two having the exact same shopping list as an 86 year old woman? Yeahhh.

Item #3

Anyone still here? Maybe? Well you know what they say. If you have no one to listen to 

I'm way overdue to post pictures of the backyard. (If anyone remembers 1, 2, 3) We've got the sprinklers and grass in and it's one of the best things we've done to the house.  

Well it is Rad. Don't try to argue. 

And we are now more official home owners because we own a lawnmower. Mowing the law is so satisfying.  The smell of summer brought to you by fresh cut grass. And the non thriving raised beds all brought to you by summer. We're working on it. 

We did make a major water your lawn faux paux but we'll save that for another day. 

And those are the highlights...because you care so very much. ;)
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  1. Your backyard looks fantastic! And you are wonderful. The end.

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