Monday, October 6, 2014

so much to say, so little time

Observing Jake and I hug in the kitchen:

Rhett: Guys. Why are you attacking each other?

Eating breakfast, post rapid fire question asking session:

Julia: And that's why you get the hiccups.
Rhett: Whoa! You know a lot of stuff!
Julia: Yeah I know some stuff. (Feeling medium proud)
Rhett: But remember mom. You're not smarter than a cow.
Julia: deflating ballon

Proving that we are raising our children to be BFFs:
Julia: Can you go give the sippy to Rad?
Rhett: Wait wait wait WAIT who is Rad?!?!

Overheard while warming the bench at the park:

A small heard of kids run by
Kids: Watch of for the sniffy kid!
Rhett: Running after the small heard trying to sniff/smell them.

Attempting my hand at 4 year old humor while running errands:

Rhett: Mom. Where you trying to be funny?
Julia: Well...
Rhett: You should try again.

Rhett downstairs, Julia upstairs:

Rhett (yells) MOM!!!
Rhett: (yells louder) MOM!!!!!!!!!
Rhett: (and louder) MOMMMMYYYY!!!!!
Rhett: (softly) Sweetheart? Are you up there?
Rhett: Honey?

Negotiating a toy deal with Rad:

Rhett: Can I have my rescue bot now?
Rhett: (sighs) I really hope you learn some new words soon Rad.

While having our second-lunch order taken at Chick-fil-a:

Rhett (to the teenage employee): Hey.
Employee: Hi.
Rhett: I really like all the polka dots (acne) on your face!
Julia: cringe...

In a very occupied public restroom:

Rhett (in a stall): Grunnnt Come on!
Rhett: I'm kinda in a hurry! Grunnnt
Rhett: Come onnnnn!
Rhett: Oh.
Rhett: Well I see you were ginormous.

A brief glimmer of potential religious upbringing:

Rhett: Wait! Hold on!
Rhett: I think I hear Jesus!
Rhett: one finger held up, other hand cupped around ear
Rhett: Oh. Actually I think it's just the fan.

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  1. i always love these! the bathroom one- ha! and the acne- been there. oh man!

  2. Oh man, these are too funny. He is such a character!

  3. Oh my! So hilarious. Thank you for sharing :)


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