Thursday, October 16, 2014

Triumphant finish of the gallery wall

I don't know what's gotten into me (nesting? living here for 2 years already?) but I've been a bit of a cray crazy wanting to get the house not looking like a lone college male/2 toddlers with zero desire to decorate live here. Lucky Jake. 

And the stupid gap on our gallery wall has been killing me softly for the past embarrassing amount of months and then the east winds blew and my wonderful mother came to visit. She took it upon herself to fill the gap, and knowing I was leaning toward a wreath she found this beauty at Target. 

Much improved, right?  Oh, I know we aren't going to be featured on Little Green Notebook tomorrow or anything but Jake said it really warms the wall up and I agree.

It's made of tree bark and has texture and warmth up the wazhoo. Love it, and love my mom for taking control of the bare "minimalist" walls.

Oh. And I'm thinking of this table to go against the wall. Or a lucite one like this or this. The lucite ones are my top choice. I'll be sure to update in 6+ months.  Thumbs. Up. 

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  1. love it, julia! looks so good against the black walls!

  2. The wreath is the perfect finishing touch! This is such a pretty gallery wall. I love the natural tones against the dark wall!

  3. One of the prettiest gallery walls I've seen in a long time :) LOVE the dark paint.

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