Monday, December 8, 2014

coastal life

Behold! Pictures from Coos Bay Oregon! Land of Thanksgiving 2014, the best clam chowder, and home of Jake's childhood.

I feel it necessary to briefly document the flights because if I don't I know I'll forget is flying with chimpanzees and we'll repeat the experience all too soon.

Let's bullet point it. 

1. No one puked. Yay.
2. Rad tightened up the apron strings real nice and refused to be put down or go to anyone else. 
3. He did kiss the bald head of the man in front of us. Progress toward independence. 
4. Rhett astutely observed that my pants were unzipped in the line waiting to board the plane. 
5. Jake and I realized that when the pilot says "We'll be touching down in a quick hour and ten minutes folks, enjoy the remainder of your flight." what parents actually hear is "We'll be touching down never. Enjoy the remainder of your life of this true treasure of a flight." 

^^^But wait what...?! Shut the duck up!! We made it! 

Chugging along. Let's move beyond the flight, Speedy Gonzmiller.

^^^We went crabbing and Rhett and Rad proved that the apple falls MILES from the tree by approaching and touching a little crustacean that looked like a great candidate for the first Miller pet (according to Rhett). FAR from their mother tree.

The little boy pictured above who was one of our "instructors" told Rhett that he liked to eat the crabs. Rhett looked at him like he was Kanye crazy. If I could read Rhett's thoughts I think we would have been thinking "The only seafood I'll eat is Goldfish crackers. My palate is that refined."

^^^Rhett screamed "It's a killer whale!" while we were crabbing but it turned out to be a very friendly sea lion. Whew. Free Willy part whatever averted. 

^^^Pine Cone Wars sounds like a great new series for TLC.

^^^Because reality TV needs more cheese-heads. 

^^^These city slickers have never had such close proximity to chickens. But that didn't stop Rhett from passionately declaring he had never loved a chicken so much and Rad was DESPERATE to kisss one. Running full speed with lips puckered.  

^^^Jake's family lives pretty much right on the water, so it's always great when the weather cooperates and we can frolic there.  These aren't swim club friendly beaches so there won't be any pictures of us sausaged into wetsuits. Feel free to scroll down angst free.  

^^^Well OK don't mind the mushy moment. I promise it was merited! We got to go back to the beach that Jake proposed at and it's been 7 years since that moment. So we snagged a smooching selfie while our children peeterd probably too close to the water. 

^^^My mother in law is super skilled at bird feeding which the boys absolutely hated...

And lastly worth noting...

^^^Favorite papa moment of the trip...mowing the lawn.

^^^We made the discovery of the best clam chowder in the world. And not like the "best (insert item) in the world" dinky signs you see at gas stations that seem questionably sketchy. But like FOR REAL the best.  

^^^Favorite cat. Rad's new true love. Wuv. True wuv.

PS Thanksgiving did happen and it was awesome being in the pregnant stage of being able to eat and eat and eat. Hello deviled eggs!

Plus there's something so special about being with family when it's cold and rainy outside. That cozy Parenthood moment when everyone tries to get a warm roll at once. We have a lot to be grateful for this year especially, and despite Rad's look of terror in the only pic I managed that day, we are very grateful for being a family.

Thank you Oregon!

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