Thursday, December 4, 2014

much ado about not much

^^^outtakes from the family Christmas card picture extravaganza-fiasco. 


As seen above, Rad cried a lot while we were trying to take Christmas card pictures. And the hour before we took pictures he cried a lot too. Oh, and the hour after the pics he whimpered quite a bit as well.

But I kept my appearance in total check. Like, totally. Lucky Jake. Such a photogenic wife under all circumstances. 

Haha. Haha. Ha.

Moving on.

So sometimes no matter how hard I try to jazz it up, our life just isn't that fancy to document. So unless you count me getting bangs a big deal and a 10 day stint in Oregon we have been just doing a pretty decent job of being boring. 

For example...

- Rad has gotten smoochy lately. Everything needs a kiss including, but not limited to the vacuum, bottles of ketchup, each bite of his food and a random yellow car in a parking lot. 

- I let Rhett sit in the sink after he enthusiastically nodded in agreement when I said, "But you have to promise not to use the sprayer, okay?!" Mothersucker, thy name is Julia.

- Jake has started doing a slightly modified version of the Whole30/Paleo "diet" and I'm extremely proud of him. But not proud enough to be joining. Pregnant lady needs her carbs. However I have been cutting up apples for him every morning and putting them in a baggie for work to show my support and solidarity. Wife of the decade for sure.

- I got bangs to try and jazz up the whole growing my hair out process. I think it's a good thing...although there seems to be a fine line between having shoulder length hair with bangs and looking like David Bowie in Labyrinth. 

And now to finish the 5 posts that have been in draft mode for at least 2 weeks or to turn them into one giant behemoth of a post. Tough choice. 

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  1. i always love reading your posts- i don't always comment, but you crack me up.

  2. Mothersucker that was hilarious! Missed reading your blog, you haven't posted in awhile! Merry Christmas!


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