Thursday, March 12, 2015

33 million weeks pregnant

Aaaaaaaaaaaand she's off.
Talking all about pregnancy.
Somebody stop her.

I wasn't going to post a pregnancy update until next week but what the crazy? Let's do it today because I know the internet has a huge gaping hole in the shape of, "fascinating mom stuff!!" that needs to be filled. Today.

With your first baby you take a ├╝ber amounts of bump pictures, you're second gets about half as many gestational mementos and the third baby gets the bare minimum.

Sorry, baby boy. I'm a little behind, but trying to catch up.

Would you believe me if my excuse was I've been busy urinating whole 1/4 teaspoons every 3-4 minutes? It's very time consuming.

Or the excuses could be filed into two categories...

Saving Myself From The Third Trimester


My Quest For Energy - Any Energy At All

I know a lot of ladies have really rough pregnancies so I won't complain (too much) because I'm sure I have it pretty easy in comparison. From week 16-28 constant nausea/morning sickness was a constant companion so I am really liking this side of the third trimester mark a lot more than I liked the other side.

Plus full term is justaroundtheriverbend!!!

This isn't a complaint but an actual fact that this has been my most difficult pregnancy to date by far. Very far. Farther than the eye can see. Cry me a river, Julia Timberlake. I know. I know. It's a rough life. Emotionally I've been experiencing a little of the PPD/anxiety pre-delivery and my need for ultimate control over everything is boarder line dictatorship. I'm trying to avoid going on Zoloft till week 37 because I don't love the idea of the baby getting any more of it than it has too. So trying to find my inner zen/hippy has been fun. I'm usually the first to pop a pill when needed, but for the next four weeks I'm banking on my evening walks, uplifting reading, bizarre nesting rituals and nightly foot massages al la husband to help control the many emotions.

Physically, oddly enough, this is my smallest pregnancy to date. I'm carrying this little one very differently and despite putting on a little over 6 pounds in less than a month (I eat a lot of strawberries avalanched in refined sugar and have a weird urge for deviled eggs OK?), weight gain wise I haven't put on as much as I did with Rhett and Rad at this point. But this kid has got to be positioned exactly on a nerve cluster or something because my hips and lower back are in a constant state of throb and spasm and my left leg is a legitimate road map of varicose veins. But oddly enough, only that left leg. Every couple of hours I need to sit with a heating pad on my lower back to maintain the ability to walk up and down the stairs and to avoid becoming a candidate for those "help I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials.

Jake is a saint and doesn't mind too much being woken up in the middle of the night when I can't get up or roll over because it hurts too much. And until baby drops, anytime I eat more than 10 bites I need to be patted on the back...aka burped. How embarrassing.

The sweet in the past weeks has been how much baby moves. He's a certifiable crazy cake (what baby isn't?) and his signature move is the truffle shuffle. He seems to really enjoy those afore mentioned strawberries and gets very active post sharing session. Since he's so active all the time it's been fantastic to have the boys be able to share in that. Rhett gets a little defensive of my internal organs when he feels baby pushing and shoving for more room in there. We've explained to Rhett loosely that the baby will be coming out of my belly button so he believes that that's the best conduit for communication. Any major kicking infractions by the youngest brother and Rhett yells into said belly button threats of timeout and no shows when he's born. I'm glad that I won't have to be the bad guy with discipline anymore. Thank you dear Rhett.

When Rad wakes up from his nap he loves to be held in his chair and often gets bumped by the baby. Since he's not quite sure how to verbalize his surprise, he usually just leans back, stares at the offender and throws him some serious shade.      

So we're about 50 days out from an anticipated C-section date of May 1st. Rhett is all set to feed the baby "noodles, popsicles and milk" and Rad is all set to do nothing particularly helpful at all. But he has learned to say baby so we have high hopes for a smooth transition. ;)

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