Monday, March 16, 2015

Rhett chats

The other morning while I was still in bed and very much asleep

Rhett: Excuse me Mom
Julia: (sleeping)
Rhett: Good morning Mom
Julia:  (sleeping)
Rhett: Hi Mom
Julia: (fake sleeping)
Rhett: Excuse me Mom
Julia: (fake sleeping)
Rhett: How you doing Mom
Julia: (fake sleeping)
Rhett: Mom?
Julia: (opens one eye) 
Rhett: Oh!!! You're awake!!
Rhett: (loud whisper) So where are we going today?
Rhett: Well you look beautiful.

Walking by a mirror in Target and seeing his and Rad's reflections 

Rhett: (Face lights up) Hey! Look Rad!
Rad: Ehhh?!
Rhett: We do look handsome today!!!!

Steering a cart through a very crowded Costco

Julia: (Swerving to avoid a cart collision)
Rhett: Hey!!
Rhett: Are you trying to kill me??!!

Watching me struggle to roll out of bed

Rhett: Great job doing the exercising Mom!
Rhett: You can DO IT!!

Playing Super Mario with Jake

Rhett: Dad!
Rhett: Watch out for all the abominations!
Julia: He means the bombs...

Discussing the new baby

Julia: What do you think we should name the baby?
Rhett: Well I don't like the name Bucket. (He means Beckett)
Julia: Well what should we name him then?
Rhett: Maybe we could name him Scooter!
Julia: So any other names tickle your fancy?
Rhett: Hmmm...
Rhett: How about the name, "Captain America?" That's a responsible name huh?

While getting myself dressed for church

Julia: OK Rhett should I wear these shoes or these shoes?
Rhett: (as he plucks my leopard print heels out of the closet) Well, I just really think Jesus would like these nice ones better.

Eating a bedtime snack

Rhett: I know how to speak all the Spanish.
Jake: Really.
Rhett: Yep.
Jake: How do you say "I'm eating popcorn" in Spanish then?
Rhett: Hola popcorn.
Rhett: See. I speak Spanish.

Singing along with Bruno Mars and Uptown Funk

Rhett: Don't believe me juice box!
           Don't believe me juice box!
           Don't believe me juice box!
           Don't believe me juice box!
           Hey, hey, hey!
Rhett: I love the juice box song.

Walking up a highly populated playground

Rhett: Mom I have a secret to tell you.
Julia: (bends down) Yes?
Rhett: Do you think all these girls will think I'm really handsome?
Julia: I think they might.
Rhett: (deep sigh) I knew it.

An impromptu bathtub lesson in appropriate word choice

Rhett: Rad, we don't say "holy crabs" (crap) because it's really rude to all the crabs.
Rhett: But it is OK to say "holy booger!" and "holy chicken!"
Rad: No.
Rhett: I know what I'm talking about Rad.

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  1. he cracks me up!!!! love the confidence kids have, too!

  2. That was very entertaining. I should write down more of my kids lovely insights. :)

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