Friday, December 11, 2015

Rhett and Rad chat

Puh-arking it real good at the park:

Rhett: I made new friend.
Julia: Yeah?
Rhett: He's over there.
Rhett: He thinks you're my grandma.
Rhett: Probably because you have the short hair.

Unloading the groceries from the van:

Julia: Rhett can you come help me?
Rhett: Yep. (comes over to the trunk)
Rhett: So you need some muscle little lady?
Rhett (flexes) 

Burning question from my 5 year old:

Rhett: Is Taylor Swift a real person?
Rhett: Or does she just live in the radio?

A fine Saturday evening at home:

Rhett: (comes out of the playroom sans pant)
Julia: Why don't you ever wear pants?
Rhett: They slow down my karate kicks.

Doing homework (Rhett) and coloring (Rad):

Rhett: Whoa Raddie!
Rhett: Your nose just made a bubble!! (snot bubble)
Rhett: Tell your nose good job.
Rad: Dood job nose.

A Sunday afternoon: 

Rhett: Dad... Dad...DAD!!
Jake: Wha? WHAT??
Rhett: You look really tired.
Jake: That's because I was asleep.
Rhett. Oh yeah. You're funny.


Rhett: Hey Beck. (super deep sigh)
Rhett: Sometimes. Sometimes...I'm just too tired to deal with this family.
Rhett: You know what I mean?

And from Rad, our budding linguist:

Julia: Rad it's time for nap!! (best time of the day)
Rad: No.
Rad: So so sorry mom.

When learning new words meets inappropriate terms:

Rad: Wook! Shi****! (fishies)
Rad: Shi**** momma!!! Pin It

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