Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fleas on a dog

^^^^post title courtesy of Rhett's translation of  of the Christmas classic Feliz Navidad.

I know he's my kid, but man...he cracks me up sometimes.

Twas 2 days before Christmas...and who hasn't done any Christmas shopping yet? Me neither, but I still believe in Santa so I'm counting on him to take care of everything.

Just kidding!! There's a few last minute details to complete. Nothing like a trip(s)(s) to Target can't solve. It's ironic when the Target cashier says "Merry Christmas" like she's not going to see me 50 more times between now and then.

Anyway, thanks to Amazon Prime and a little (OK big) surprise up our elf sleeves we are almost ready. Just have to wrap. I feel like my Christmas IQ spiked a little this year because instead of recycling our Amazon boxes as they come I'm saving them to make wrapping a little easier. Kid's toys are the WORST to wrap with all the lumps and corners.

We've hit the part of the holidays where the amount of gifts we've threatened to take away is more than the amount actually under the tree. (Insert the holiday joke of whomever wrote Silent Night obviously didn't have children...har har har) Jake and I made a vague, pre kid having, illusionary promise that we wouldn't use this threat with our at the time future kids with calling Santa, but we have, we did, we will.

A few pictures of holiday festivities. In all their grainy glory.

Our library had Mrs. Claus come. She was both hilarious and charming. She called the boys and their friend Everett up to help with a magic trick. When I had to clarify Rad's name to the group she quipped "Oh. You're one of those Moms."

Touche Mrs. Claus. Touche.

A little selfie before our Secret Santa run. Rhett....was perturbed....every group of elves has a party pooper.

In a classy Christmas move I found a fake tree on the curb for free and put it in the boys room. It was cleaned with vacuums and baby wipes. Christmas magic is especially real for Rad this year and I love it.

Ominous Christmas cookies a la Rad.

We put the boys letters to Santa in the tree and the elves come and collect them at night. Oddly, it's one of my favorite traditions. Rhett's letter was very "Rhett." He dictated:

Dear Santa,

I would like a Batman castle and Ninja turtle house. I try to be good so I want a pretend pet tortoise but please make sure it is fake. Thank you.

Love, Rhett

Rad was not inclined to be in this picture.

Since we failed with a family Christmas card this year let's count this hasty post as one. More Christmas cheer to spread and enjoy.

One last thought for posterity and Christmases future.

Rhett: Ok you be the baby Jesus and I'm the Little Drummer let's BATTLE.
Rad: CHARGE!!!

My kids. Deeply feeling the true meaning of the season.

Merry Christmas one and all!

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  1. I told our youngest (3) on Christmas eve that I was sending a note back with the elf that night for Santa and she wouldn't be getting ANYTHING if she didn't start listening to Mommy. Not my proudest moment. She cried. But it totally worked. Merry Christmas!

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