Friday, January 8, 2016

introducing Ben the puppy

Because three little boys just wasn't enough fun.

Exclamation points !!!!!

That little ball of white fluff is the newest little boy to our crew. Ben is a bichon frise, is 12 weeks new and joined our family on Christmas morning.

Their boundless excitement lasted for 72 boy hours, 100 dog hours and 238 mom hours. Ha.

I feel like I should say "SURPRISE!" because getting a puppy certainly doesn't seem like a rational short of decision when you have three little boys. And it's not. Totally not rational. But just look at that face!! HE'S SO FLUFFY WE COULD DIE! (Name that movie)

All fluffy puppy love emotions aside, Jake and I have been thinking about getting a dog since we first got married. Fact: the amount of research we did before getting Ben was 1000X more research than we did before we started having kids. Our logic....we're thinking that we'll get all the potty training, put random stuff in your mouth, eat of the ground, phases done at the same time. In reality on Christmas morning we (I) thought we lost our minds.

But really, Ben's has been such a blessing for our family. His breed is the best for our us and the boys. He's crazy energetic when the turkeys play with him and he's just as happy to chill and follow me around. #perfectchild

A few highlights from the past two weeks:

When I overheard Rhett asking Ben "who's your daddy?"

Rad taking EXTREME interest in Ben's potty training. He sits in the middle of the backyard monitoring Ben's movements and then gives a fully detailed report. He also loves putting on the plastic gloves and picking up the fun stuff. That's a plus. The downside is that Rad now want's to mimic Ben's potty routine. I'll let that one just sink in...

Our thought process with getting a puppy included the notion that if we had a puppy our boys might stop playing puppy (including barking when the door bell rang) all the time. Not the case.

Rhett taking Ben's exercise very seriously.

Beck gets the uncontrollable giggles when Ben wrestles with his toys. Beck gets the uncontrollable giggles when Ben sniffs him or kisses him. Beck does not get the uncontrollable giggles when Ben tries to use Beck as a pillow or when Ben plows him over when Ben's loving life.

Rad thinks Ben's water dish is a pool for his Power Rangers. Or his own personal watering hole. Thrice. Hopefully that's over.

Ben...welcome to the tribe/herd/crew/family. :)

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  1. oh he is so cute!!! santa brought a white fluffball here, too!

  2. We entered puppydom last summer. She's now six months. Puppy stage = 7000 times more work than baby stage.


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