Wednesday, May 11, 2016


When you haven't heard much from me in a few weeks that a sure fire sign life has entered into crazy once more. It's almost never the same crazy, and the crazy is never really gone, but sometimes it slams you and you're (read: I) am fumbling for a while as I try to get through it.

Over the past four weeks we've:

this really calls for a drumroll...

we got our house ready to put on the market
put on our house on the market
potty trained Rad

potty trained Ben (officially)

everyone got the stomach flu or strep of epic magnitude

all while showing the house at least once a day and making sure it didn't smell like the plauge.

I hosted two baby showers

and raised $2100 for Rhett's school fundraiser

Jake worked an unusual amount of late late hours

which thankfully payed off in some big success.

And we sold out house! In a week!
And then turned around and bought a new house!

We're closing on both houses on June 23rd so for right now I feel like we have a brief moment of pause before the packing crazy train starts. So for right now we're catching up on all the eating and sitting and breathing the stress of the past few weeks denied us.

Fist bumps for adulting like a boss.

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