Monday, May 23, 2016

Rhett and Rad chat

In the wilds of potty training Rad:

Rad: I'm too grumpy to potty train today.
Rad: I'm just not in da mood to potty train.
Rad: I'll just wear a diaper today, please.
Rad: I just want to be a baby and Rhett can be the big boy.

Upside vs Downside:

Rhett: You smell like vanilla ice cream and pineapples.
Rhett: And you're really nice and squishy.

After school:

Rhett: "OH MY GOSH WHY IS MY LIFE SO HARD?"  as he did his homework with crayons.

The theme of Rad and Beck's brotherhood:

Rad: Tan I shoot Beck with my laser gun?
Julia: No!
Julia: Do you understand why?
Rad: Cause I didn't say pwease?

Watching Beck power crawl across the living room and face plant on the rug:

Rhett: Come on Beck.
Rhett: Pull yourself together.

Hanging out in the bathtub:

Rhett: Well, Rad.
Rad: What?
Rhett: You just need to know that girls grow babies in their bellies and boys grow big poop in theirs.
Rad: Oh.

Which is possibly what prompted this idea:

Rad: (running to the bathroom) I'm just a little boy and my body is full of POOP!

A slow brewing fight:

Rhett: Rad! Stop it!!!!
Rad: NOOO!!
Rhett: Stop being a pest!!!
Rhett: Well your mom doesn't like you.
Rhett: And she likes everyone.
Jake: Did he just quote Justin Bieber?

Playing "Who/what am I thinking of?"  in the van:

Rhett: I'm thinking of someone white and fluffy.
Rad: (without missing a beat) JESUS!!
Rhett: (exasperated) Rad. Jesus isn't a white guy.
Rhett: But I think his beard is pretty fluffy.

Seeing a picture of this guy on my FB feed:

Rhett: Who is that?
Julia: Donald Trump.
Rhett: Hmmmm.
Rhett: He doesn't have any friends, does he?
Julia: (Insert the deepest belly laughs)

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