Monday, August 1, 2016

6 years of Rhett

Possibly a picture that will embarrass him in a few weeks/months/years. But I'm dreading the day when he's totally embarrassed of me so up it goes.

He's six. Today. 

Six is kinda where it's at. I've been noticing how loving and helpful Rhett has been lately. Way less explosive meltdowns, no pushing me to the edge of insanity in a bi-daily basis. Maybe it's all the space in the new house and the freedom and proximity to ride his bike and play with his friends every day. Or maybe it's just 6. He's a good boy. I'm so grateful he is the leader of my boy troop. What lucky little brothers.

Turning six brings two highly anticipated rights of passage in Rhett's eyes: eagerly awaiting the first loose tooth and the growing of a mustache. If anyone remember's how Rhett used to draw chest hair on himself then growing a mustache at age six seems like something right up his alley. When he sees men with actual mustaches, Rhett like's to talk shop with them about the ins and outs of life with a hairy upper lip. He even offers to let the strangers touch his "mustache" because generosity is his middle name. 

He takes his role of being the oldest very seriously. An often overheard request is when he commands his younger brothers to call him "Uncle Rhett." He totes Beck around and helps keep Rad in place by stealing Rad's "powers" when he does something Rhett doesn't denote as cool. Rad gets especially upset when Rhett steals his "blue power." Now that Rhett's in first grade and gone during the day, Rad sometimes walks around the house whispering "my blue power. all miiiiinnnneee!" Brotherly love at it's purest. 

He narrates everything, asks absolutely the most random questions (Mom? Does Jesus have boogers? Does he like that I don't eat my boogers? Why did God make all these boogers??) he hoards everything he find as his treasure, and is our budding little body builder who takes great pride in working out daily to Youtube Zumba and Richard Simons workout videos. This one is his favorite. He loves BBQ chips and asks us how to s-p-e-l-l every word under the s-u-n. He is a really into researching theme parks and will not rest until we agree to take him to heaven/Legoland. 

Happy Birthday Rhett!!

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