Tuesday, August 2, 2016

radical rad

The final installment/ SAHM trilogy of the boy's here and now posts.

(Beck's post is here and Rhett's is here.)

This one's for you Rad Aaron Miller...or as you call yourself, Raddie.

Rad has a new and sudden passion for dressing himself...

... even if his pants/shorts are on backwards...doesn't matter. Out in public he goes and refuses to turn his duds around. You do you, Rad.

At least 6 times a day I hear Rad tattle-hollering on Beck and/or Rhett. No one likes a tattle-tale but I happen to love them. Generally when Rad feels the need to shriek about his brother's shenanigans... it's for very good and horrifying reasons. And Rad hasn't learned to lie yet and usually has his "the whole truth and nothing but the truth" glasses on and can give an pretty accurate play by play. Where Rhett is our get as close to the line as possible/find the gray area kid, Rad is our black and white kiddo.

For example, whenever he wants something I'm eating:

Rad: please!! please!! please!! please!! please!! please!! please!! please!!
Julia: you only need to say please once
Rad: please once.

Rad is super athletic / spastic and watching him jump and around always is quality entertainment. He's uber devoted to working on his "ninja tricks" on the trampoline. His ninja tricks are always like well planned mini seizures where he clearly has a trick in his mind, but the execution of it eludes him. It's heartwarming.

Rad and Rhett are really into playing Frisbee with each other. Except Rad calls it, "Frow-dee" (rhymes with "grotty" - beats out all words for being the worst word ever) and I have to tell Rad to "throw harder" because he's lucky to get it one foot in front of his person and I have to tell Rhett to "throw softer and not aim for his face... " because he's one throw away from popping his eye right out of the sock.  So I guess you could say I'm really into it too. When do they start quietly playing Monopoly? When Rad turns four? Good.

Rad's speech has come sooooo far in the past 6-9 months. You can cary a conversation with him (conversation should be loosely interpreted here...he jumps from epic tangent to tangent like a flying squirrel.) but his pronunciation and clarity are sometimes lost in translation.

No matter how many times I correct him...

Julia: Have you seen my flip flops?
Rad: Hmmm nope! I not seen your clip clops.


Rad: I'm choking.
Julia: No, you're not.
Rad: Yes, I am. I'm choking. Why aren't you laughing?
Rad: Isn't it so funny?
Julia: Oh, joking? Yes, yes, hilarious.
Rad: I know. Choking is my favorite.

My Little Ponies, zoo animals, fort building and ninja battles are the biggest games of the moment. If we let him he would prefer to watch shows all day - this is an unfortunate not exaggeration.

Speaking of My Little Ponies, Rad often refers to himself as "Rainbow Dash" and he calls me "Twilight Sparkle." He really stays in character and demands that I do the same...including prancing in public, exuberantly yelling that stars and glitter are coming off our backsides and having friends and strangers also address us as Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. I swear this is in no way an exaggeration.

What else should be immortalized about Rad? He sneaks out to pee in the front yard, but then runs in and boldly shares his misdemeanor. He still loves to be naked and stashes his clothes in various hiding spots so that I can't make him put them back them on. After a bad experience with a super heated chicken nugget, he cautiously blows on all his food...popsicles included.

Don't ever change Rad. You make the family 100% funnier. :)

PS a quick video

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