Monday, September 9, 2013

6 months of Mr. Rad

As cliche as it sounds to say "where the heck as the time gone!" that's exactly how I feel.

Mr. Rad is 6 months old and if there was a hash tag for the past 6 months it would be #ohgeez, #gushing and #kickinglikecrazy.

Little Mr. Rad there a few babies that are as happy as you. 

You love Rhett. 

Oh how you absolutely adore him. 

Big dopy smile kind of adore him. 

In fact you have the best big dopy smiles for everyone. And everything. 

You see us getting your food ready and about jump out of your high chair with excitement. 

Which is probably why you weigh over 19lbs...chunky monkey.

You love to sit in your Bumbo in the shower and squeal and shriek as the water comes down.

You still love tooth brushes and your stuffed duck. 

You are a jumping machine, be it in your Exersaucer, Johnny Jump-Up, or on our laps.

It's exhausting to watch, but man your legs are freakishly strong

You are a sitting pro, till you start waving your arms and then you face plant it.  

Rhett has called you Radie since we brought you home and it's our favorite nickname for you. 

Your hair has come in and you have the best little curls up front. 

Oh and I love your stinky neck. 

It's probably a smell only a mother could love, but to me it epitomizes your baby smell.

Don't lose it too soon little man.

Mr. Rad we love you! 

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