Tuesday, September 10, 2013

the easiet DIY: the $40 floating industrial desk

what's better than finding the perfect idea on pinterest?

coming up with your own perfect idea!

well at least one you haven't seen yet...you never know what's floating around out there.

rhett loves lining up his toys when he plays and he is a coloring fool so I really wanted a desk in the room. 

the problem with traditional desks was that they were too deep; I wanted to make sure there was plenty of floor space to play.

I found this desk on Ikea, but the $269 price tag was a big no-no for my budget. 

so I thought and thought about it and then it came to me. a pine board and some closet brackets.


a quick trip to Home Depot and then back home with a 2 X 12 X 8 pine board and 4, 12in Richelieu Hardware White Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets, 8 3in screws, 8 1.5in screws, and a can of Rust-Oleum Universal Hammered Silver spray paint.  

this is really the EASIEST DIY. 

Step 1: sand your pine board smooth and finish it.

We used minwax gel stain in oak.

Step 2: paint the brackets.

the easiest way to spray paint them is to place them, back side down, on an elevated surface. 

I used cinder blocks.

Step 3: find the studs in your wall and mark them off. 

Step 4: using a level as you go, drill 2  3in screws per bracket. one on top, one on the bottom.

the guy who helped us at home depot assured us that 2 screws would be sufficient to secure it to the wall and he was right. 

the desk is completely sturdy.

Step 4: lay the board on the brackets, double check it's level and then drill 2 1.5in screw per bracket from the bottom, up.

2 screws is enough to keep the board from sliding or shifting. 

and you are now done!

we kept our desk pretty simple with how we finished it, but the possibilities are limitless: stained, painted, lacquered, white washed and limed. or I think it could be awesome to use some paint pens on the top to create a graphic/tribal design. 

we love the desk and the price tag. :) 

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  1. LOVE this!! If I had a spot to do it, I just might! Oh...wait...i do need a desk for Christian and there isn't really room in his room....

  2. Very cool! Love how you added a play surface without taking up the floor space. I am seriously considering doing something similar in my entryway. It is just too narrow for most tables but it needs something. A floating/hanging table could be the perfect solution.

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