Wednesday, October 30, 2013

everyone should have a yellow piano: a reveal

A few weeks ago on my Instagram I showed this super duper happy yellow paint. 

The name of the paint is Golden Mist by Valspar but I think it should be named Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. 

Because one that would be awesome and two it seriously is the happiest yellow paint ever. 

I was using it on a client's piano and I am now convinced that everyone needs a bright yellow piano. 

Glamor shot in the garage. Keeping it classy. 

And as a slide note, probably one of the most nerve racking moments of my life...(or at least in the top 37 moments) was,

I made Jake drive 15 miles below the speed limit and I was convinced some bird was going to dive bomb it. 

But it made it safe and sound. 

I mean it's awesome right?! 

Especially in that room. The piano's owners made some seriously fantastic decorating choices.   

I even came up with a little poem while I was working on it. 


Not a great poem, I'll give you that. :) 

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