Monday, October 7, 2013

ramble jamble: things I said coming out of anesthesia

A compilation of wisdom from post surgery and the following days on lots of pain drugs.

"My doctor, he looks like Bradley Cooper. But I told him I like Ryan Gosling better."

"Nobody gets yellow paint today!"

"Are you having a wonderful day?" (to the nurse. apparently I asked her several times.)

"Where's my Jake? I NEED MY JAKE!"

"Oh you're my Jake. Are you going to leave me?"

"Shhhh. Jake. My mom got you suitcases for Christmas. Shhhh."

"We need to send a message in a bottle to Aunt Tina. About the strawberries."

"It's night time. Yes. It's definitely night time. Did you know it's night time? It's definitely night time."

When asked how my foot felt. "Oh. Don't worry. The squirrels are massaging it." 

When my mom gave me a shirt as a present. "You got me a shirt?! (start to cry) I don't have a shirt for you! You want a shirt from my closet?"

"I just love Tyrell." (she's my best bud.)

And of course what "coming out of anethesia" moment would be totally complete without a charming video. By the ever supportive husband.

PS. Don't judge my mullet-ish hair, lack of make up, random lizard and PPS. the sheets were in the laundry.

Rhett and his "boot."

This may officially be my coolest scar. The rest are from shaving. :/

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  1. Did your mom really get him suitcases for Christmas? You not a very good secret keeper! Haha thanks for sharing the laughs. I love that you were alert enough to tell him not to make you mad!

  2. Haha, that is hilarious. It is really good you didn't try to blog during all of that!

  3. SOOO funny, this made me laugh so much, thanks for sharing! I had to read them out loud to my hubby too! :)

  4. Weird... I don't why it says "Emily Andrus" in that comment above, I'm Jenna, haha. Werid. But I really did love reading this!!! :)

  5. HAHAHA This is awesome! I wonder what funny things I would say...

  6. Love it! My dad still doesn't believe some of the stuff he said while on heavy pain meds after a surgery :).


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