Friday, October 11, 2013

too cool for preschool

About 3 years ago I wrote this post on our old family blog. 

According to my calculations back then, Rhett had approximately 821 days till he started preschool. 

It's funny how vividly I remember how hard and long that day was.

PS Doesn't little Rhett look just like Rad?? 

Dang our genetics are consistent.

Anyway Rhett started preschool about a month ago. 

He picked out his outfit the first day. Anyone surprised by the batman shirt? I'm not. 

Whenever someone in our family leaves we say "Where's my kiss?!" and a kiss must be given. 

The post preschool pickup reunion. Be still my heart!

Rhett loves preschool. He has always been ridiculously social. He loves anything that moves and that will interact with him. We started him in a one morning a week play school when he was 18 months so the transition to two mornings a week of preschool was seamless. 

I love being his momma, being his world. But at the same time nothing makes me happier than seeing his little world expand and watching him grow and learn. 

I really believe in the idea of being a secure base for my kids. I will always be there for them. I'm not going anywhere. And as they grow I will let them explore on their own, to wander a little farther and then come running back when they need me. If they go too far, I will go to them. And we'll start over. Together. 

Rhett I am so proud of the little boy you have become. I am so proud of your limitless ability to find the fun in life. I am so proud of your innocence. I am so proud of tender heart and your desire to explore. I am so proud of you being you. I am so proud of your bravery and confidence in your ability. I am so proud of the million times a day you ask "why?" and "how come?". You are an awesome preschooler. 

And to finish this somehow-turned-sentimental-mushy-momma-post, some preschool wisdom from the preschooler himself:

"Miss Debbie is my teacher LADY."

"I taught the chickens my ninja moves." (His teacher has chickens.)

"Mom, preschool is my favorite. But the letter Ds not my favorite."

"Miss Debbie said no sharing my booger." 

"I'm a big puzzle man."

"Don't worry mom, I wore my wonderpants (underpants) all day at preschool." (He's kind of a nudist at heart...)

"At preschool we do lots of preschool stuff because we go to preschool and it's just preschool."

PS I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't loving the couple of hours of alone time I have with Rad/alone time I have for myself because Rad naps most of preschool time/can I get a hallelujah chorus? Thanks. :)   

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  1. Haha, love the quotes - definitely no sharing boogers! Hope your foot is doing better.

  2. Beautiful post! As a grandma I love stories that remind me of those precious days! They fly by so quickly!

  3. Rhett is awesome! That kid brings a smile to my face. His Rhettisms are the best!


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