Thursday, March 27, 2014

7 pictures 7 things

1. You know what game kids don't play enough of these days? Sloth. Good thing Rhett is all about righting that epic wrong. Nothing like walking into a room and seeing your kid wrapped around chairs and table legs not moving. Because he's pretending to be a sloth...naturally. 

2. Bloomage and boy. While loading these plants on to the flatbed wagon at the nursery, I swear these guys were begging for me to pick their friends, not them. #flowerkiller Maybe I should have stuck with Landscape design as a major in college but that's neither here or there. But the flowers for the raised beds are surprisingly, ok who are we kidding, miraculously still alive. Backyard update coming soon.

3. Rad has been tuckered out lately. I'm totally down with that because when he's not sleeping he's grumpier than an old man with no Fig Newtons. I love him dearly but when he convinces himself that happiness can only be found in trying to pull at my eyelashes or steal Rhett's current most beloved toy I feel like I might need to excuse myself to the closet for an undetermined amount of time. 

4. We finally picked up one of the prints we ordered in it's new frame. At this rate our home will be decorated in 62.71 years, but hey I'll take it. I'm a happy little wanna-be interior designer. 

5. Bum crack. Pink flamingo's bum. We love Lowes and hope they love us...

6. Simba chatting it up with Nemo. And "Simba" has been "Simba" for the past 4 days. When he's not being a sloth. 

7. God made some states perfect. The rest he covered in snow. Just kidding; ask me again how I feel about AZ in about 6 weeks. Even the Beach Boys wouldn't know how to sing about our summer. But our sunsets really are something else and we are taking every advantage of evening walks. 

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  1. I could read your blog forever. It makes me smile and laugh every time. You are a good writer, mother, decorator, story teller, sunset lover and person. You are awesome in every way and so is your dear family.

  2. Oooh, the plants all smushed together made me smile. And I love the framed picture. Love.


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