Wednesday, March 19, 2014

so much to say, so little time 8

conversations with a 3 year old are fantastic.

filling his elephant piggy bank with his "monies:" 

Rhett: Mom, why is Jesus on all my monies?

saying goodnight recently: 

Jake: I love you Rhett
Rhett: I wove you too, Daddy
Julia: I love you too Rhett
Rhett: Sanks

enjoying a gourmet lunch of goldfish, apples and enlightening convos with the boys:

Rad: Ba! Ba! Ba! Hmmmm! Mamamamam! 
Julia: What did Rad say Rhett?
Rhett: I don't know that mom. I don't speak Chinese.

bidding him adieu on his way to preschool:

Julia: I love you Rhett. Be a good example and have fun!
Rhett: OK mom! Don't smash Rad!
Julia: Noted...

listing in on some of his action figure playing:

Rhett: Darth Vader is going to fight you Lola! (Lola, Yoda, same diff)

marching triumphantly into the bathroom while I was trying to have some "pirate-cy."

Rhett: Mom.
Julia: (sighs) Yes honey?
Rhett: Dad's going to take you to get mwarried tomorrow. 
Rhett: But only if you're nice.

while Jake was supervising the boys:

Rhett: Tantrum tantrum tantrum tantrum tantrum tantrum tantrum tantrum
Rhett: Tantrum tantrum tantrum tantrum tantrum tantrum tantrum tantrum
Rhett: (Walks away) I'm just havin' a tough time. Sorry for freaking out. (Calm as a cucumber)

being summoned into the bathroom:

Rhett: (Standing next to the potty, lid down) Check it out mom. (Slowly raises lid)
Rhett: Don't worry mom, it's not a present. It's just poop.

pointing out he has an undesirable booger on his cheek:

Rhett: (Checks out his reflection in the mirror) It's no big deal dad. I'll just wear it. 

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  1. Hey there! Just found your blog through Pinterest - your boys are soooo adorable!! And Rhett, well he is just a little funny man! :)


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