Wednesday, January 21, 2015

30 for 30

Being SUPER original here... like always.

Or self indulgent.
Or narcissistic.
Vapid? Likely.

Or maybe all of the above. But I thought I'd post a little "30 things about Julia!" on my 30th birthday at the beginning of the month, but that did not happen. So, I'm just a little tardy to the party with the list.

Your excitement is palpable, I can feel it.

These have probably all been revealed in one post or another or another at some point over the last few years, but I've never been known for my originality.

So, here you go.

And! Just in case you were wanting to feel better about your pre-pubescent years, in honor of my recent 30th birthday I present to you...clueless Julia at age 12.

The struggle was real.

Like very very real.

Oh how far you've come Julia.

Also, I can totally hear Steve Urkel saying, "those glasses are too big!!" and I just might agree.

Okay, let's go.

1. Ever since I read her book and started following her on Instagram, I've had regularly recurring dreams that I'm best friends forever with Mindy Kaling. She should be sufficiently creeped.
2. Celebrity crush...absolutely Jimmy Fallon.
3. When I was in middle school I was convinced I would be more popular if my wrists weren't so bony.
4. Watching YouTube videos of baby orangutans before bed is becoming a weird obsession.
5. Like...I am becoming absolutely desperate to hold one.
6. Some videos might make me teary. Like this one.
8. I get really scared when opening umbrellas. When they have the button that makes them pop open...anxiety to the max.
9. I hate milk and all forms of melted cheese.
10. My favorite book is Gone with the Wind. I've read it every year since 8th grade.
11. My favorite candy is (currently) Butterfingers
12. My favorite dessert is...really truly I don't love most desserts. Candy yes, but traditional desserts no.
13. My favorite meal is fajitas with a sinful amount of guacamole.
14. I'm almost always cold. Even in an AZ summer I will almost always be wearing jeans. Or a long sleeve shirt with shorts.
15. If I could change my name I would chose Kate.
16. Biggest social fear...random strangers not liking me. Including the driver behind me, the woman on aisle 5, and the mailman who I've met once for 2 seconds.
17. My high school choir teacher asked me once, dead serious, "Has anyone ever told you you're probably tone deaf?"
18. My biggest talent is getting a to-do list done. Watch out America's Got Talent. Coming atch-ya with my post-its.
19. My full name is Julia Barbara Holbein Miller. The SS office messed up when we got married and didn't drop Barbara. So now I sound like a pompous donkey.
20. I've never drank a drop of coffee but almost every job I had in high school was in a coffee shop.
21. The most random employment I've ever had is as a sports official for my college's intramural program. I was accidentally tackled during a men's flag football game.
22. Going with the college theme, I had 6 declared majors, broadcasting, horticulture/landscape design, social studies education, history and finally marriage and family therapy.
23. I love clogging.
24. And horse back ridding.
25. My dream job would be as a plastic surgeon.
26. I really really want a big ol' motorcycle.
27. I'm deathly afraid of haunted houses, mazes, movies, etc. I tried to watch "The Ring" once and spent the entire movie singing church hymns under a blanket. I would only come out when the sun was shining in the movie.
28. In terms of fight or flight I definitely choose hide. See the example above if you need proof.
29. In fact, I'm 99% positive there is literally no amount of money you could pay me to go through a haunted house. A billion dollars? Not even close to enough.
30. I have a semi-secret dream to be the Bachelorette. If I wasn't married and horribly giggly around attractive males.  

Toe touch to being 30. :)

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  1. i love reading these! i may have to do one soon but 36 doesn' thave a fun ring to it. maybe i will do 25 for 25 since in my head i am 25 still. i will be watching for you on america's got talent.... by the way, i invented post its. (name that movie!)

  2. I think you should be a writer for Jimmy Fallon. You make me laugh so hard. I am glad your name is Julia. You were named after a wonderful grandmother. And those big glasses were all the rage when you had them. Love all thirty reasons and I will always protect you from haunted houses!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My daughter said that first photo looks like me. :)
    I don't do scary either. Even a little bit.
    Your umbrella thing is similar to my champagne bottle/tube biscuits/balloon issue.
    The dislike of liquid cheese, however, kinda made me cry a little. It might be my favorite food group.

  4. Hate to be a downer buuuuuuuuuut, you skipped 7. ;)

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