Wednesday, January 7, 2015

So much to say, so little time

Trying to get ready in the morning

Julia: Rhett, please go get your socks.
Rhett: Mom. I'm not Rhett.
Rhett: I'm big white kitty.
Rhett: But not stand up tiger.
Rhett: Don't get it confused.

Lying on the floor doing the lazy mom version of wrestling

Rhett: Mom?
Rhett: Are you dead?
Rhett: Or just playing possum?

Entertaining the boys with Simon Says during an airport layover

Rhett: Simon says jump up and down!
Rhett: Simon says be a cheetah!
Rhett: Simon says touch a human!!

An impromptu display of affection
(Rhett comes over kisses my lips, cheek and pats me on the head.)
Rhett: (Walking away) And that's how you kiss a girl.
Julia: worryworryworryworryworry

Driving away after having lunch with Jake

Rhett: Where's dad going?
Julia: He's going back to work.
Rhett: Oh.
Rhett: I just love that man.

Opening a Christmas card/present with money in it from the great-grandparents

Rhett: Money for me?!
Rhett: Wait who's the old man on my money?
Jake: That's Andrew Jackson.
Rhett: Oh. Is he my uncle?

Picking up my tweezers

Rhett: What are these?
Julia: Tweezers. I use those to pluck my eyebrows so they don't get out of hand.
Rhett: Ohhh, I see I see.
Julia: Yeah
Rhett: So you don't look like a big gorilla anymore?

Walking into a public restroom

Rhett: Wow it smells like the airport in here!
Rhett: Airport smell might be my favorite.

After a quick lesson in being respectful from Jake

Jake: You need to be respectful to Mom. She's an important person.
Rhett: Dad...
Rhett: Mom's not a person. She's a woman.

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  1. Julia, I haven't talked to you in forever but I LOVE this posts!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Thanks for being such a great inspiration to all moms everywhere!


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