Wednesday, January 14, 2015

ode to the third baby (and the gender!)

Poor baby #3. Nary a bump picture save one and not even blog post sharing your cute little gender. Do you feel loved? I hope so, but I wouldn't blame you if we've already given you reasons to need therapy later on.

So let's remedy that! You, my sweet bambino are once again, a little boy! Bless you're little heart for listening to Rhett's demands and my secret hopes. We are so excited for you and heaven knows we need another player in the wrestle mania round here.

We took Rhett to the ultrasound and when the ultrasound tech dramatically revealed the little boy parts Rhett nonchalantly shruggled, "Oh yeah, I can definitely see that."

The baby is looking so good. All stats and measurements are falling in the normal ranges. And with everything we went through with Rad (1 and 2), this is the best part for my soul. I didn't let my ├╝ber anxious self breath until I could see all the numbers on the charts after the ultrasound. But it is all so good. Baby definitely has a masculine profile (wink) and is growing like a weed.

Here is a fraction of the pictures we were given...stingy ultrasound tech. ;)

Now let's talk about me. Because I am the only important pregnant person. Kate Middleton who? Ha!

20 weeks

Currently I just really want to wear a shirt that explains that I'm pregnant and not just 10 pounds heavier from a new found sedentary lifestyle...although that's true too. Even Rhett has a lot of questions about the rate in which old Mom's body is expanding, "so ... when is MY stomach going to blow up like that?" and then he proceeds to move north and keep on asking and asking.

Anyway, a bump photo. Or "boop" as Rad says. 24.5 weeks (the .5 is very important!!!!!)...

24 (.5!) weeks

^^^Yes, I'm asleep. Laugh. 

^^^And I still hate my hair growing out-state, so I'll be cinnamon rolling the nappy locks for a few more months. Yum.

The biggest symptom of being 24 weeks pregnant is the alarming rate I shovel food into my mouth and it disappears. An hour after eating a solid meal, I am a ravenous beast. Unlike pre-pregnancy life, when hunger hit and I had time to decide what and when I wanted to eat. Now, if I fail to eat within three minutes, I risk throwing up. It’s a little like in a movie when the bomb is beeping and the countdown is getting closer to boom time. I shouldn’t even call it hunger. It’s more like trying to stop up an ever-expanding black hole. My snacks have become my security blanket and my lifeline.

Every night as we lay in bed watching Friends (Netflix you crazy cake!)  I usually start to get twitchy. All I want to do is lie there and enjoy Monica's early 90s lip liner action, but my body is telling me that I need to eat  my third dinner NOW and so  my saintly husband pauses the episode and puts our emergency food plan into action. He pulls me into the kitchen as though we were on an episode of Supermarket Sweep.

The life of pregnancy. It be oh so nutty.

I was going to talk about potential baby names here but I think I'll do a whole post on it because I love love love hashing out baby names. That girl in high school doodling potential future baby names in her notebook...that was me. And although I don't think we'd ever officially share the chosen name before the wee babe arrives, we definitely need suggestions.

Whew. OK little boy I hope this helps you feel more officially part of our love fest. :)

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  1. can't wait to hear the names!!! and you are the cutest.

  2. Congrats on a third sweet boy! Can't wait to hear your name thoughts!

  3. Three little boys, how sweet is that! And you look totally adorable!

  4. Oh, how wonderful! My friend recently had her 4th boy. It's such a fun household!


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