Thursday, April 9, 2015

bringing home Beck

Yesterday was a very good day. :) 

Welcome to the outside world little Beck!  

The first weeks/months of a baby's life is so wonderfully unpredictable, aren't they? I had many struggles with baby Rhett  (I like to call it Clueless New Mom Syndrome and I think I had it worse than anyone ever in the history of CNMS). With Rad I was a little better, but Second Child New Mom Syndrome is legit and in the past 24 hours Third Child New Mom Syndrome is kicking butt.

But it keeping with the bigger picture and the glass half full analogy, we are overjoyed to finally feel like a family of five. :)

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  1. I just heard about a study that proves there's no such thing as "pregnancy brain" - oh, how I care to differ!!! Good luck on the early stages of having 3 - looks like you'll have lots of help! :) Congrats on sealing the deal and bringing this little guy home!

  2. YAY!!! Praying that your transition to FOF (family of five) continues to go well. Hope that Jake has some time off work to help or that your family can visit soon to lend a hand or two :)
    Congratulations on bring Beck home! May the Power-of-Naps be with you in the upcoming weeks! XO

  3. It's so crazy to me that Tij and I first knew you as a couple and now you've got three babies! Congratulations! Rhett looks super stoked about Beckett ;)

  4. Yay! Did your older boys get to meet him in the hospital?
    Have fun with your 3 cute's definitely an adjustment when you no longer have the 2:2 ratio of parent to child :).


I really appreciate all of your thoughts and comments! They bring a smile to my face!