Monday, April 6, 2015

the farm (a pictour)

Doing something a little bit different today and posting a bevy of photos. Sorry for the deviation from the norm. Tolerance is a virtue and I appreciate your cooperation. (Winks and a big ha.)

(PS all this happened pre Beck but his early arrival postponed the blogging of it.)

We spent a Saturday at a local farm. 

^^^Proof that I'm not e-pulling your leg. We really went. The goat will vouch.

At one of the parks scattered throughout the farm, a spry five (ish) year old boy came bounding onto the slide next to Rad and watchdog Rhett yelled "Watch out for that old man, Rad!!! (Again - 5 feet away, 5 years of age)

The first person to tell them this isn't the fanciest sandbox in all of the land get to help them dig a 6 foot deep hole with the fanciest blue excavator in all of the land. Have fun...!

I believe this was when Rhett and Rad started yammering on about "stinky poop" for the entire crowd to hear.

Rad may not speak much English, but he can "Maaa!" and "Bahaaa!" with the best of them and did the whole time we were in the pen. #goatwhisperer

And minute 22 of indulging in his latest obsession. Maybe for his 3rd birthday we'll come here and get our party on.

Rhett was much more cautious about approaching enemy lines.

Fun for approximately 2 of the 3 involved.

And then the goat gave up. No shame baby goat.

Riding a bee. I don't know.

Clearly the swings were a popular choice. For two people.

Jake and I were in the mood to really up the anti and do something, "fun and spontaneous with the kids" and thought ice cream afterwards sounded like a nice treat.

We had a blast.

I promise. :) Pin It

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