Monday, July 27, 2015

4 months of Beck

Beck is 4 months old. I know. Time flew!

Things to note on this joyous occasion:

Overnight (literally) he out grew his newborn clothes and is now a hefty 0-3 month onesie wearing hoss.

Prefers maximum attention from humans to minimum attention from humans.

The ceiling fan is his second mother.

Actually the fan ranks as his third mother. Rhett's mother hen skills and frequent dotting beat it by miles.

Requires much sleep to maintain his sedentary lifestyle.

Seems to really enjoy his perch in the L of couch and watching his brothers wrestle. Until he tips over and face plants onto the cushion. Then it's no bueno for Beck.

Loves the car and subsequently his carseat.

Still is putting his foot down at any attempts to lift his head during tummy time.

Overall...happier baby than Rhett was and much more chill then Rad ever was/has been. Much more.

Let the sibling rivalry begin. ;)

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