Friday, July 31, 2015

Rhett (and Rad!) chats

Watching me get ready from his perch in the bathroom sink:

Rhett: Why do you put that stuff on your face?
Julia: You mean my lotion?
Rhett: Yeah.
Julia: It helps my skin stay soft.
Rhett: Hmm.
Rhett: AND it help keeps the flies away.

Every single time we walk past this little lady at Target:

Rhett: Mom!
Rhett: I think she really likes me!!

(He lovingly looks at grazes her hand every time he sees her. Concerned? Maybe.)

Thinking maybe Rhett was ready to cuddle Beck while I showered:

Julia: OK you got him?
Rhett: Yep.
Julia: I'll hurry. (Starts walking away.)
Rhett: Mom!
Julia: What?
Rhett: What do I do if he dies?
Julia: Never mind....

Catching Rad getting into the van with a full sized bag of cereal on our way to church:

Jake: Go put that back Rad.
Rhett: (Sprinting into the backseat) Don't worry dad!
Rhett:  Those are just in case Jesus gets hungry.
Rad: My nack!

Slyly getting my phone of the counter and then makes a big production of looking surprised when I catch him opening his Lego game:

Rhett: Oh!
Rhett: Hmm!
Rhett: What?!
Rhett: Wow!
Julia: Are you supposed to with the phone now?
Rhett: No.
Rhett: But mom! Playing the phone helps when boys have lots of gas!
Rhett: And I have the gas!

A little bird watching at the park:

Rhett: Wow that's a lot of pigeons!
Rhett: Bet that one wishes that was a gummy worm he was eating.

At the kitchen table coloring with Rad:

Rad: Roaring like a dinosaur/lion/bear
Rhett: (Deep sigh)
Rad: Still roaring...
Rhett: Good grief. (Head in hands)
Rhett: I just can't color when everyone is wild.

Out of the blue:

Rhett: One time I ate a booger.
Rhett: It wasn't as delicious as I thought.

In a movie theater stall next to another occupied stall where someone seemed to be having some rather noisy intestinal issues:

Rhett: Oh, boy
Julia: What?
Rhett: (LOUD whisper) Did you hear that?!
Rhett: It sounded like THUNDER

And BONUS ....

A little guest appearance from our resident parrot...

Driving my some horses:

Rad: WOOK MOM!!!
Rad: Whores!!!!
Rad: MOM!!
Rad: WHORES!!!!

After he heard Beck loudly filling his diaper:

Rad: Oh!
Rad: B(l)ess you bay-bee Beck.

At the library:

Rad: Brings me this book 

Julia: You want to get this book?
Rad: YEAH 
Rad: It's honey!! 
Julia: (Realization) Wait...I'm honey

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