Wednesday, July 29, 2015

the grand finale

It's summer and the livin's easy.

The kids wake up with the sun (4:58 am) despite mega efforts to seal their windows with 89 layers of foil and duct tape. (Plus they don't understand why "bedtime" happens during daylight because according to the sun 8pm = 4:30pm and they fight you. They fight you hard.)

You feel guilty if you're not outside enjoying the sun and shine but the second you get outside someone needs their 4th juice box and you realize there's no room in the kiddie pool for you.

Plus you're positive the garden-happy neighbor is going to call the cops if he hears one more of the kids' scream fights over who gets control of the hose aka control of the fun.

But summer came to an end this week as Rhett started kindergarden last Wednesday and I was determined to go out with a bang.

And in uncharacteristic fashion I'm just dumping a bunch of photos...long narrative descriptions will be saved for another post. Because Beck and his grunts that can grate against God's ears have been waking us up between feedings and equalling less sleep then we prefer. In a nutshell: I'm too tired to type.

Annnnd that's an embarrassing amount of pictures. We had fun. Did you catch that? Fun. Lots of fun.

Fun. (Wink wink ;))

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