Tuesday, September 22, 2015

a weekend holler (with doughnuts)

Hey Julia, you know you don't have to blog about every single time you load up the Odyssey and fly the coop...right?

I know. I know. But at the tail end of Jake working Saturdays for like 5 weeks has left us (me) feeling like the circus might just swallow us (me) whole, I think it will do a Julia some good to look back and read about some times that didn't leave her feeling like the world was out to git her. Because...the world...it revolves around her, as we all know. 

When it turned out that Jake's appointment was going strong about an hour after the estimated finish time, we loaded up and well, you know where this is going...we headed to my favorite place of all time...the drive-thru. Of course. We flew through Dunkin Doughnut's gates on the way to the park and enjoyed the 93 degree temp. And park bonus!! There were other kids!! 

I have much much hesitation about just free park hoping without a planned play date because my children are the children who want you to be the lava monster for about 17 rounds. And when there are no other potential candidates for all the phun that is lava monster, that duty falls to me. Which I'm cool with for about 5 rounds. But there's a 12 round difference between my 5 and the boys wish for 17. In case you were following the mental math in this here paragraph. 

But I digress.

Back to us.

Always us...

This is thee trendiest doughnut, hipster filtered, live authentic, kinfolky picture you ever did see. Indeed.

Rad likes taking pictures with me. I swear it.

Rhett is a very enthusiastic doughnut enjoyer.

And Beckett took a selfie. He learned that in the NICU.

Some highlights:

+  Rhett fell twice and he had a bit of bleeding from his lip the second time. He stopped crying 4 seconds after the fall whereas his younger brother would still be limping around and requesting that we resurrect a memorial at the site of the fall to recognize the fact that he lived to tell the tale to any that might lend a listening and sympathetic ear.

+ Rad made besties with some older (like age 7) boys playing basketball and did a super fantastic job sharing their ball with them. Since in most cases he currently proceeds every noun with the pronoun my/mine. 

+ Jake eventually met us (duh) and the kids running across the park to greet him with their grins and shrieks didn't entirely make up for the day but...maybe 88% of my faith in humanity was restored. 

Over all the doughnut picnic was a big success and the boys want to do it again this weekend. Fist bumps. Pin It

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