Wednesday, September 16, 2015

now and then

Okay. I'm all over the place today. Let's go.

1. "Mommmm- the sink won't stop watering!!!!!" - Rhett last week during his "chores"

And he was right. It watered heavily from under the sink, all over the kitchen floor, the in front of the fridge, under the stove and a bunch of other fun places. From my limited knowledge and lengthy investigation of the pipes I believed that something was up... which resulted in the great garbage disposable vom sesh of 2k15. And while I was trying to quickly! quickly! quickly! mop and sop up the disaster the boys saw the newly created lake Miller, smelled my distracted demeanor, and emptied the pantry and all of the accessible cupboards. All of them. All in the name of being "helpers."

But Fix-it-Fox (Jake's self titled title) came to the rescue that evening and replaced ye old faithful disposal. Beck was happy to keep him company.

2. In a moment of baking excitement Rhett dumped a sizable container of cinnamon (most cruel word to repeatedly ask Rad to pronounce ... butIstilldoit) out and onto the kitchen floor yesterday evening. Have you ever cleaned up cinnamon? Let me rephrase that...have you ever tried to clean up a ever growing cloud of fragrant spice? It's almost impossible to contain.

So that was yesterday's carnival.

3. A letter to my youngest.

Dear sweet Beck,

Can you pretty please skip the toddler phase?

My heart can't take another one of you turning on me because I let you off the swing like you asked or made you the meal you requested or tried to brush your teeth. 

Thanks in advance.

4. This is old news, but I took pictures so it must make the blog. My hands are tied.

We attended the school picnic for Rhett's class. The weather was perfect* and the kids didn't fight (a full fledged miracle these days ...Rhett and Rad fight about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g lately ... ) and Beck was the happiest little clam.

*Perfect by my almost always and forever cold standards. Jake felt like it was about 15 degrees too hot.

His triumphant trot celebrated him finding the mate to his flip flop among a sea of other children's footwear. 5th time was charm.

5. Um...another picture.


6. Proving that we are doing a very fine job raising good and Godly children...letting them "play missioanry" for Family Home Evening. (ie knocking on the and teaching us a lesson.) It's always fun to hear their religious musings.

"Oh, Rad! You just need to forgive your mom because she's the son of God ... "


"Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of all the sins."

(Theology lessons for tots at the Miller house, anyone? Rates are SUPER reasonable!!)

7. Rhett started saying "ya" for "you"

"Hey Mom!! Where are ya?!"

"Rad, what's wrong with ya?!"

"Are ya going to make me some lunch, Mom?"


Rad has added "way" to his frequent use of "No"

"No way Mom!" 

"No WAY Rhett!"



8. It's been on my radar that we're due for a professional family picture (aka not taken with the hot pink selfie stick). And Rhett decided he could deliver that.

I think we can consider the family portrait good and done. 

Just like this fiesta of a post.

Something less profound SOON. I pinky promise. X
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  1. I love that they were dressed up as Darth Vader and a stormtrooper when they were missionaries. Is it wrong if I now want to ask Greyson to say cinnamon?

  2. Love it! My mom joined the church when I was 3. I had an Oscar the grouch book and I would teach them from 'the grouchy book of Mormon'... ;)


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