Monday, September 28, 2015

Rhett and Rad chat

^^^ these were taken from the night of our talent show debut and found in archives. As I remember Rad felt like he had already preformed enough for the cameras. Rhett felt otherwise.  

Overheard from the couch:

Rhett: Rad say tattoo.
Rad: Dadoo
Rhett: No. Taaaaa-tt-oooo
Rad: Daaa-d-ooooO!
Rhett: Rad. This is a really important word.
Rhett: Cause we're getting tattoos for Christmas.

Julia: Yeah. Heck. No.

Listening to a Shakria song in the van-o-fun:

Rhett: (singing)
Rhett: I'm pretending I'm the black woman who sings this song.
Rhett: (continues serenade)
Family: (exchange looks of confusion and concern) 

In the wee hours of the morning:

Rhett: MOM
Julia: Ehhhh
Rhett: (whispering) I have magic pee.
Julia: Ehhhh?
Rhett: I peed in my underpants but none of it got on my bed.
Rhett: MAGIC.

Singing (literally) in the shower:

Rhett: “Mary had a little lamb, its fleas were white as snow.”

And now that Rhett is spending more time away from our loving home we get some quips from friends...

After school pick up:

Rhett:My Grandma Dot died when I was zero months old… I mean right after I turned 15. I think someone threw a bomb at her and it exploded. Or her house caught on fire.
Tyrell and Everett: (Laughing) 
Rhett: Guys! It's not funny. She was made of wood and burned up. It was really hot.

And also with Tyrell, his second mother:

Rhett: Hey Tyrell, you know how I got blind?
Rhett: I went for a walk and a poison branch fell on my eye. That's why I'm blind"

Annnnd from the ever expanding vocabulary of Rad:

A potty training moment:

Julia: OK, now go potty.
Rad: Tay.
Rad: One, three, four, weady!
Rad: Set...
Rad: Go pee!!!

A MDSA (Mother Desperately Seeking Affirmation) Moment:

Julia: Rad I love you.
Julia: Do you love me?
Rad: I wuve Diego.
Rad: Go Diego go!!

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