Friday, May 31, 2013

big boys need big boy dressers: a reveal

The addition of Rad to our family has changed our family dynamic.

Especially for Rhett as he is now a BIG boy.

Or a "huge boy" according to him. 

So we've been working on giving him a big boy room, especially now that he is out of his crib and in a twin bed. 

Here is the before of his dresser and nightstand. 

I got these for a steal ($40 for both) at an auction over a year ago and I'm so glad I held on to them. 

The storage is awesome and they are pieces that can grow with him.

Here they are now.

I used Old Navy by Benjamin Moore on the dresser in matte finish and sealed it with Minwax Wipe on Poly in Satin. 

The nightstand is also in Old Navy, with the drawer in Dove White by Valspar, and the doors are original finish, restored with Danish Oil. 

Old Navy is by far the best navy blue I've found. 

It's a true, deep, blue with no purples, and without being too sports team-y or nautical-y.

Don't you love how you can add -y to the end of anything and it somehow makes sense?  

We've still got a few projects, like building a bed frame, to finish before I show you the rest of the room, but if you look you'll see some hints as to where we're going. :)

Stay tuned!

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  1. AMAZING!!! You are so talented! Love the dresser and the night stand... can't wait to see the entire room.

  2. Those are awesome pieces! I love that the pulls are flush with the doors/drawers.

  3. love them both, but especially the huge dresser! gorgeous!

  4. What cool pieces! And I am so loving navy blue right now! Awesome job Julia!

  5. I'm drooling. And for $40??!! Gosh you lucky girl.


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