Friday, May 3, 2013

Rad's Nursery: Source List

Thank you all for the sweet comments for Rad's nursery! 

I love designing kids spaces because the same rules of standard design seem to be a little less structured. 

It almost makes me want to have one more little one just so I can design a nursery for them. 

Almost. :)

In this post I'll be sharing the source list for what we purchased for Rad's room.

And next week I'll share some tips and tutorials for the projects we did. 

Rad's Nursery Source List

Chair: Previously owned and reupholstered. Fabric from Joann's,

Pillow: Target (it looks really yellow/gold-ish online but it's more of a chartreuse color)

Poof: Target 

Rug: Urban Outfitters (it's on sale now!)

Curtains: Etsy (I ordered 1 pannel and made it into 2)

Dresser: Ikea Tarva (refinished) 

Knobs: Anthropologie

Changing pad cover: Etsy

Green elephant: Urban Outfiters (no longer available)

Lamp: Ikea

Lamp shade: Target 

Wall art: DIY'd (Canvas with a letter we wrote to Rad on it)

Crib: Ikea Sniglar (refinished)

Wooden Letters: Hobby Lobby (refinished)

Floating Industrial Shelves: DIY project from Vintage Revivals (more on them later)

Stuffed Animals: Various stores over time, but Anthropologie carries some similar to them.

Wooden blocks: DIY'd

Frames: Walmart (refinished)

Prints: DIY'd
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  1. Love, love, love. Such a sweet room. Great finds and DIYed pieces!

  2. It's just a darling room for baby Rad! Hard to believe that not long ago nursery's were all decorated like cartoon characters. So much more sophisticated now - thank goodness!

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  7. Hello! I'm just curious about your refinished sniglar crib :) did you stand it down and restain it, or just paint it? Thank you!!


I really appreciate all of your thoughts and comments! They bring a smile to my face!