Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fry Jesus!!!!!

Ok, so I never thought the hardest part of being a mom to a 2 1/2 year old would be trying figure out what the heck he's talking about some times. 

I read books on dealing with tantrums.

I have boards on Pinterest with go to activities to keep him entertained. 

I am an amazing fort builder and I can wrestle and play chase till the cows come home. 

But no where have I found a dictionary or thesauruses for translating....Rhett. 

(Come on Webster, help a mother out here.)

So for weeks we'd be out driving to the park, or to run errands and randomly Rhett would scream out from the back seat, 

"Mom!!! FRY JESUS!!!!!"

And I say, "Umm, what honey?"

"Mom! Fry JE-SU-SSSS!!!"

"That's great honey, Jesus loves you too."


And it would go something like that. For weeks.

We raise our boys with religion. We say prayers as a family in the morning and at night and at meal times. We read scriptures as a family and go to Church every week so Rhett talking about Jesus didn't seem unusual; in fact I thought we were doing a pretty stellar job since he was talking about fry Jesus in the car and at home. 

Until we were out one morning and we stopped at a red light and Rhett started yelling fry Jesus again. 

And I looked out the window and saw a McDonalds. 

And then it clicked. 

Fry Jesus = French fries.

French Fries.

Religious upbringing = 0

McDonalds Happy Meals = 1

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  3. Hahaha! That is so funny! Kids baffle my mind sometimes. I've made a habit of writing down in my Notes on my phone all the funny things Carter says. It KILLS me and they only get more funny as they get older!

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  11. I would say religious upbringing: 100% and the reward for that FRENCH FRIES.. I bet Jesus loves them too. Rhett just knows that. ;)

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