Tuesday, May 13, 2014

6 pictures, 6 things

1. Mamacita day. Rhett wanted to get me a "horse named bee-nana that rides in the desert" and he "wanted to hold the rope and that would sleep in his room." (Don't worry, I wasn't mourning the lack of horse in the mother's day gift pile or in his room.) The celebration was a little lost on Rad who had a fever and the pukes. I like to think he just didn't want me to forget my role as resident human pillow. Jake was a saint and let me nap after church and made the best killer corn on the cob for dinner. I kept fishing for compliments from Rhett hoping for some good motherhood affirmation but the closest thing I got was I'm a decent mom because I like flowers, I run with my rocket shoes, we ride bikes together, I don't say hate and have to go to time out and we eat crackers like a picnic. I'll take it.   

2. "Mom I got you a flower cause you're a genius!" Brain child learned a new word, but clearly not how to use it correctly. But don't tell him I said that. 

3. "Oh Raaaad!!!! Pink's a GIRL'S color!!" said righteous Rhett. Well radical Rad really, truly, deeply loves that shirt to a fabulous fault.  

4. Ceremoniously christening the start of summer with a tinkle sprinkle. #singleshot #ontherocks He also decided to relieve his large intestines with #2 on our driveway thus ending my uncertainty as to why our neighbors rarely look us in the eye.  

5. He dissected his own diaper, ate a bite out of every strawberry, tore 50% of my clothes off their hangers, broke a lamp, threw his cereal off his tray 3x, ripped apart a board book, unfolded a mountain of laundry, and never left the glass menagerie shower doors while I bathed (always). A morning in the life.

6. The original meets his protégé. 

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