Monday, May 26, 2014

so much to say, so little time part 9

conversations with a 3 year old are fantastic
At the pool 

Julia: Come here, you need some sunscreen.
Rhett: Oh, YEAH I'll take some ice cream. Thanks.

Looking in the mirror admiring his bed head

Rhett: Wow my brain got huge! It pushed my hair out!

In the kitchen

Julia: Rhett can you go get the diaper bag?
Rhett: Say please!
Julia: Please.
Rhett: Stands there staring
Julia: What's wrong?
Rhett: You have to say now.
Rhett: OK!

An every 5 minute discussion

Rhett: When are we going to Grandma's?
Julia: In July. 
Rhett: Okay
Rhett: Is it January yet?
Julia: It's May. We're going in July.
Rhett: Ok so now it's time to go on the airplane?
Julia: No. In July. In 2 months. 
Rhett: Is it January now? 
Julia: Almost.

Pack muling sod into the backyard

Julia: Rhett look at the grass!
Rhett: Runs around a few times.
Julia: Are you excited?!
Rhett: You need to get more grass now.
Julia and Jake:
Rhett: I'm over this. Walks away.

Every single time I try to escape into the bathroom

Rhett: Can I watch?
Julia: No. Absolutely not.
Rhett: (unfazed) Rad!! Come here!! Hurry!

An overheard conversation with his toys

Rhett: We're the good guys; and we're the bad guys! We don't listen to our mom!

Walking by a distressed Rad

Rhett: It's OK Rad.
Rad: Shooo pa teeee mammamammamamma
Rhett: Yellow cheetah at your service.

Watching me get dressed

Rhett: Mom, why are your private (chest) parts getting so huge?
Rhett: Are they going to explode?! (With hand motions...)

And he has no secrets

Chick fil a worker: What's your name?
Rhett: Well, I just wiped my booger in my hair right here. See? (Sure enough, there was a booger.)

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