Monday, May 19, 2014

summa cum preschool

The boy's pulled my favorite stunt of all time the other day: they both made noticeable steps toward growing up just a little. Rad learned the art of spontaneous hugs (adorable) and Rhett graduated preschool. So I rewarded them with videos on Instagram and a under appreciated photo shoot of graduation. I don't know where the past 3 1/2 years have gone and somehow our fuzzy headed baby became all 38 pounds of little man boy. Soon he'll be driving himself to his Sumo wrestling class. Yes, I am being that annoying and sentimental mom. Hopefully you aren't reading this too carefully because it's Monday morning and you have about 98 other and better things to be doing. 

They be crazy with them hats.

Nothing whips out an Iphone or large fancy camera faster than preschoolers belting out the pledge of allegiance, the months of the year and the best and loudest duck quacks this side of MST. I am (almost) not ashamed to say at one point I was simultaneously videoing with my phone while snapping pictures with the big fancy camera. Rad hid his face in embarrassment.  

All that multitasking/juggling really payed off. For posterity you know. 

Rhett's teacher Ms Debbie made special awards for each of the kids based on things she had observed during the school year. Rhett was the most likely to be a super hero award. No surprise there considering super hero's are his thing, but my momma emotions got the better of me and read way more into it than I should have. Preschool graduations will do that to you.

And a few bullet points:

1. Rhett (currently) wants to be a fire fighter when he grows up. 
2. We got a little photo album from Ms. Debbie of all their classroom shenanigans. Preschoolers take the best pictures.  
3. Technically this was more of an "advancement" because we've got one more year of preschool before kindergarten.
4. And in terms of academic achievement he's moved on from eternally thinking the letter A is the letter P, learned to sit on - not wrestle his chair, and how to spell his name with no less than 13 additional Ts tacked on. 

On to bigger and better things Rhett, we're proud of you stinker pants. :) 

 PS. When it comes to educating my posterity I am especially fail-y. I have the "it takes a village" mentality or outsourcing (saying that will probably glean a few raised eye brows) but I really am so grateful when my prayers get answered and the best possible people come into my kid's lives. I know they'll be lots of "graduations" between now and when the boys leave the nest and I hope we keep being blessed with the same high caliber people in our lives that we have now.  

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