Thursday, May 1, 2014

mom shame

Like dog shame, but not really better.

1. "That's Frozen Elsa, that's Frozen Ana and that's you mom!" said the 3 year old. #grandmanutt

2. Rhett: Who's coming over mom?
Julia: No one's coming over hun.
Rhett: But who's coming over?
Julia: No one...
Rhett: But you're making food mom.
Julia: Dang it.

3. Sometimes when "wife gets hard" (Rhett-ism #271) I let Rad enjoy a little chocolate syrup. Straight out of le fridge and le bottle.

4. Does carrying a pie server into church look like bribery? Cause it is/was/will always be. If you can't beat em, bribe em. (Julia-ism #181)

5. Yours truly got stung by a bee while swimming with the boys at the family friendly YMCA. The most non family friendly part was yelling an obscenity post prick and while the bee was still attached. Before ye be too swift with judgment, it HURT and it is FRIGHTENING to look down and see a bee attached to my paleness.

6.  Same YMCA pool trip, mom forgot sufficient towel coverage and it was a chilly Arizona 84 degrees. Behold the faces of troubled times.

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  1. You are awesome! No shame in any of this. And it sounds like you have gotten used to the heat there in Arizona. I still have not gotten used to the cold (well, maybe a little) here in Utah. I still think swimming in 80 (ish) degrees is too cold. I loooove swimming in 100 degree weather. And about the bee, you must have a natural flower like fragrance. Poor bee got confused and lost his life over it.

  2. I've forgotten the "right" towel plenty of times which always leads to pathetic melt-downs...but I can't blame you for flipping out about the bee. I think I would too!


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