Monday, June 9, 2014

tents, hiking and being the fun one

I have this theory that if you blog about something it becomes significantly more true. Think about it, if it's on the internet, it's gotta be legit right? Right.

My kids are so lucky to have me as the super fun mom. (hey hey it's on the internet now!) I know how to make an ordinarily long stretch of the 3:27 in afternoon lovelies a bazillion times funner.

Look at all the fun in those expressions. Fun for days.

PS No comments on the pathetic state of our bedroom. It's horrible. 

Well, well, well - look who managed to stage herself as the fun parent? A mattress?! Hanging off the bed frame?! The fun (and white trashiness) can hardly be contained. The sad thing is we actually resort to this more often then not...

Of course, once the boys had to pretended to be GI Joe mountain goats several times and after I had tried to doze while they climbed on me (never works) I slipped right back into my role as second place fun maker (because it really is Jake) be not impressed. It was a "blast" while it lasted though.

Thankfully Jake had the brilliant idea to go camping with our church group (much more fun than my mattress idea). However, lest the blog title fooled real camping was enjoyed (or loathed) by myself and Rad. We're mildly adventurous at best...but we're not crazy, and until Rad sleeps through the night, family sleep sessions will be enjoyed in the comfort of our climate controlled, hopefully bug free bedrooms.

But Jake and Rhett were feeling the boy scout vibe and embarked on a camping excursion.

My wifey heart is very grateful for all the work that went into these stellar photos.  It was a home run, grand slam with Rhett who still tells the tall campfire tales for his experiences.

Rhett: "And all the squirrels ran around like SO FAST. (as he runs in place) They really had to find the potty." 

Rhett: "At the camping I got to go potty outside and it was the best potty EVER EVER!"

Rhett: "I want to go camping again. I want to go right now. I just got to get it out of my system guys." 

Rhett: "Here's the deal. I get to sleep in my sleeping bag tonight and I won't pee pee in it. Promise with all my heart."   

And now that the boy's club of the Miller household officially bonded over camping, I have been told that certain activities are boys only. Well if that's how they just further cements Jake as being the fun one. No hard feelings. 

Rhett posing by a pile of "poop." His choice, not ours. Also, he just reminded me that we don't eat cactus. A PSA from him in case you faced that craving today. 

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  1. Nice!!! Kids having fun :)

  2. Awesome!! You ARE a fun mom. Don't feel bad that you don't like to camp. I love A/C and indoor plumbing. Boys need adventures and that's okay :D

  3. G.I. Joe mountain goats, that's intense! :) Its a lot harder being a mom than I realized. Sometimes its okay to not be the 'fun' mom but I do feel quite proud of those fun moments when they occur.


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